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I am level one seller. From last 2-3 months my main gig gone on last page without any cancellation or anything. I am sharing my gig on different platforms but i am not getting any result. Kindly share some tips that how can i get my rank my gig back.

Thanks in advance!


Did you deliver orders and acquired positive reviews for them?


Yes almost all my clients give me positive feedback.

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Well, if you get anything less than 5 stars I noticed that your gig deranks a bit. But even then, gigs are rotating…

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Then how can I get it on front pages?

Hey @hassandesigns You will get back your gig position. Just send offer to buyer against their request. Write killer offer to get response & stay on forum active. Wishing your success. Pray for us.

My gig first disappeared and moved to last pages on Fiverr, even I have 2nd High number of orders under my category and my profile is 5 star and gig is 4.9 Star with 1k reviews, 4 year old account and gig , I am getting worried because I have a team and a proper setup

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It’s completely normal, Stay positive Your will rank some day!

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I hope so thank you!

I was about to post a new thread for my situation but I guess its happening with many Fiverr users. Everyone is posting about this. So I guess rather than posting a new thread I am sharing my query too in 1-2 threads as a comment.

My gigs were ranking in first 1-5 pages & I worked on good orders especially in April-May but after that all sudden everything dropped, with no ranking, almost dead situation from the last 2 months very fewer impressions with no order, and no response on buyer requests.

Even though I have tried everything buyer requests, SEO, title, description, pictures, sharing etc. but it’s not working, even I contacted support but did not get a satisfactory response. At this point I am can’t understand what to do or what not to do?

I am even thinking about hiring somebody from Fiverr to do some SEO of my gig to rank 1, some sellers are offering these services although I am not sure if its again Fiverr policy or not.

Guys any help in this regard will be really appreciated.

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My Suggest
Your gig post Everyday Social Media… :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: