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I published Gig a long time ago but got no order. I was not active in Fiverr for many days. Now if I come back to Fiverr again can I do my gig ranking? Or will I have a new account again? I was in Fiverr for 4 months ago.


@koresh_1992 Stay online, Send Buyer Request, Use Right Keyword

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thank you sweet for your great response

There is no need to make another account and having multiple accounts is against Fiverr’s TOS. Focus on building up and promoting your gigs. Ignore the “feedback” that many on this forum will give you to stay online 24/7. Just focus on building a great looking gig and when you do get an order ensure you go above and beyond to deliver a great service and your gig will naturally grow. It can be very hard to get started with those first orders, but just stick at it.

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great bro thank you boss

Hmm rank, you will share gigs on social media.

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