Fiverr Gig Requires Audio?


Heya guys,

This is my first post here. Well i been going back and forth on customer service as to why my video was being denied. I finally got a response and it seems that i didn’t have audio on it. Well specifically my gig doesn’t require audio.

Not sure if anyone else was able to upload a video that without audio?

I have pasted the response from the fiverr team below:

It appears that your video audio is to low hence the reason it was denied. Could you try correcting this issue and resubmitting.



Feed back please



Agree with madmoo

How was it resolved?

Guessing here:

routezap said: your video audio is to low hence the reason it was denied

so you increased volume?

And not because

routezap said: it seems that i didn't have audio on it.

Am I right?

Would be helpful for other forum members and myself to know what NOT to do with our videos...








On the edge of my seat here waiting…


Hehe sorry guys! For keeping you waiting.

Answer is: Yes you must have audio if not your video gets rejected 100%.



You welcome madmoo! Hope you are having an awesome day!



Thanks for the update

Gotta go and edit mine!