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Fiverr gig’s rank seo case study

Hi everyone,
Getting our gig ranked is one of the fruitful perks on Fiverr as you get more sales. Let me share a case study in which i found these steps helped me ranking my gig better.


  1. Make sure to create the ‘ Title ‘ attractive. Use the main ‘ Keyword ‘ and some secondary keywords. E.g: I will + unique word+ main keyword + secondary keyword + time ( optional ).

  2. As we discussed in an earlier case study, you need to be careful with keywords and tags. Make sure you’ve grind hard to eke out Main keywords. Search competitors tags and write them down.

  3. MOST IMPORTANT: Never copy-paste anything in your gig. Always write from the scratch, either description or FAQ’s or Pricing. Fiverr has an algorithm where it can detect what’s copy-paste and it automatically under ranks you. NEVER USE COPY-PASTE DESCRIPTION.

  4. Always fill out the description with the main keyword 4 times and secondary keywords 1 to 2 times.

  5. Make sure to fill out FAQ’s as it gives you 1600+ characters, why not take advantage of it?

  6. Never use googled thumbnail for your gig. Make sure to create your own in Canva. Your thumbnail should clearly depicts: Your services, time duration, and attractive image relevant to your skillset.

P.S: Avoid fake orders, reviews, and clicks.

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This is not a case study. Why are you calling it that?

And why are you sharing bare bones advice other sellers have already posted here thousands of times?

None of this is good advice. None of it improves your chances of ranking. That’s not how algorithms work. Using a keyword multiple times can only influence SEO if it isn’t extremely competitive. And there’s no evidence that it influences the Fiverr algorithm and no way to determine that.

Just because something plays a role in Google’s algorithm, that doesn’t mean you can apply it to a marketplace’s algorithm.


It’s for those who find it helpful not for those who just criticize. I found these tips and tricks helpful for me so I thought It should be spread and deliver to others. If you found them useless, You can ignore and move on. Thanks!

That’s exactly my point: they aren’t helpful because they are unsubstantiated ideas to say something can increase ranking with absolutely no evidence that it does and no logic to suggest that it could.

You’re applying basic Google ranking theory to a marketplace algorithm. It is not the same thing.

Do you really think my problem is that this didn’t help me personally? Wow. Read my comment again. My problem is that you’re perpetuating incorrect nonsense.

@humanissocial but I don’t know that I am perpetuating incorrect nonsense. You are experienced seller and have more knowledge than me, I know. But I didn’t find any SEO related post by you. If you can share some ORIGINAL tips and tricks, then I shall be grateful.

Thank you so much @abdulrehmanlhr (Lahori) :blush:

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I read recently that this type of post is something that is advised by “Freelancing schools” in some areas. This makes sense as there is no reason for someone to take some random basic and often inaccurate post from somewhere else and post it in a forum where there is actual quality advice from experienced sellers. Also explains why others then come along and comment with praise for a nonsense post.
Have flagged it as spam.


Neither of these things can help you. Copying competitors is the very last thing you should do. How can something help you if you’re making more competition for yourself? It doesn’t make sense.

If you can’t tell if what you said is incorrect or correct, then maybe you aren’t in a position to be giving advice?

None of your tips influence ranking or SEO.

What is your point? That it was ok for you to make up advice because you didnt see me posting something on SEO? What?

I’ve posted many, many, many, many times about how to avoid high competition and focus on high demand, the main combo that can help you stand out in a search query.