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I am Saifulmasum. I saw some of them are sharing there gig on fiverr forum, I think it’s a great way of gig marketing. I am also interested, but the thing is that if i do it, is it create problem on my profile or gig, and also is it break fiverr prohibited policy.


No, it’s not a great way for marketing. It’s actually pretty bad “marketing” because we are all sellers here on the forum and we are not your target audience and most likely non of us will be interested in your services. Buyers come very occasionally to this forum and in most cases not to look for people advertising their gig.

But answering your question: yes, you can advertise your gig under “your fiverr gig” category. But don’t put your hopes high, this might not bring you orders at the end.


Forum is not place of marketing. You should nod marketing here.
There are many ways to promote.

Best of luck

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Thank’s for your replay, can i share ,my gig, any kind of site like youtube, reddit and many more.

Thanks mariashtelle1 for your great suggestion. will share my gig on youtube comment section.

To be honest that’s not what I said.
Just going to someone’s YouTube video and comment with your link there is spamming and might get you banned on other platforms. I would advice you to take a marketing course (there are a lot of free on the internet) or hire someone to help you with marketing.