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Fiverr Gig Tips Needed


Hello Fiverr Gig Tips Needed


Welcome back saira best wishes :+1: for your upcoming projects, share your gigs on social media ,groups and on other platform for targeting your audience also check this will helps…


Note: Once you are banned from Fiverr, you are not allowed to create a new account. It is again a violation of the Terms of Service. Fiverr banned you for good.
You can read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to know more.


I’m afraid your new account wouldn’t last long and I would suggest to start working on your other ways of creating income.

Once fiverr banned your account for violations you CAN NOT reopen your account again. They most likely will delete it as soon as they detect this activity.
You violated TOS probably 3 times before they banned your previous account and you still keep doing it.

Good luck.