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Can I upload my gig link in this forum to show a problem??


Yes, you can shear your gig link.

how to upload gig here in forums? newbie here

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Yes, you can, but you need to put it under the right forum category - this category - “Your Fiverr Experience” is NOT where you are supposed to share links to your Gig for critiques.

Go to the “Improve My Gig” part of the forum and upload your Gig link there with whatever issue you are having for help from the community here.

Just open your Gig as a preview and then copy the link that is in your web browser and paste it under the right Forum category.


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I really dunt know yet how to start. but I am very interested on doing business here. . Is this running globally? hopefully i can meet a coach here. I really need a job.

Thank you so much for your adviced.