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Fiverr Gig video: "75 seconds" doesn't mean 1 minute+

I created a 1-minute video where I recorded myself explaining what my Gig is about (Tutoring People to Code using Python).

According to the Fiverr H&E centre: “Please choose a video no longer than 75 seconds and less than 50 MB. The allowed file formats are mp4 and AVI.”.

Despite this, my video was rejected for “being too long.”.

If a human-reviewed my video then I can understand why it can seem to them I’m maybe “talking too much” but the I simply recorded what I normally explain to my potential clients when they get in touch for more information. Because I tutor people over zoom, my clients want to hear my speaking style and accent. Also, I’m pretty sure many don’t bother to read the description and prefer to watch a video explaining instead.

Has anyone else had a similar issue where the gig video was rejected for “being too long”?

Are we allowed to put in a youtube link into the FAQ?

It would be amazing if we could add a video in the same way as a “pdf” where it doesn’t take up the gig main image. That way, it’s optional for the user to watch it.

Thanks all


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Hi !

It might be a temporary bug. You might try to reach the CS, so that they can help guide you or confirm the situation. I have 60sec + videos introducing my gigs, and never had any issue of that kind.

Recently there was a general bug that was preventing everyone from choosing their thumbnail frame in their video. It was fixed few days later.


Thank you for your tip. I will try again or reach out to the CS.

PS - just checked out videos on your gigs. Absolutely fantastic, great quality and informative. I hope to make something of that standard one day!

Apologies to all who were following this. It was actually my own user error for a video that was slightly longer than the limit.

I have no managed to upload it and pleased with the result! :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Thank you for your kind feedback ! :hugs: