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Fiverr Gig Video Information

Hello, I need information regarding adding video to the gig.
Can I add samples of the live project which I completed on Fiverr with the client’s remarks in the video?

You don’t need to - when you deliver, provided live portfolio is “on” and the buyer doesn’t turn it off, samples already appear in your portfolio with a quote from the buyer.


Yeah, I know, but I was thinking to make a short video with some samples and remarks.

Overkill, with respect.

Make your video about how your gig solves buyer problems, not how great you are …


good point, thank you

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Make a gig video based on your gig services and your skills. you can add some photos of project as a sample (like i did) when you are describing your gig.

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I would view other top rated seller videos and see what they do. However, always keep them tasteful. Just my opinion but stay away from, “hey Fiverr fans!” And “exclusive” everyone says it. Try to be real and say something different and unique that will give them a peak into your personality and professionalism.

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