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Fiverr gig video is a must!

Hey there,
Did you know that a gig video boosts your gig’s conversion by 40% . So don’t forget to add video to your gig . If you need help in making a gig video just check out my profile.



yes, gig video make my gig in first page of category
you can search “draw vector photo profile” and there is my gig in first page


ok, many many thanks

Yes that right, I made a video for each Gig to make it clear to the clients (What you see is what you get).

Where did you get this percentage from? Can you back up this information? Cause if not then your post is misleading to say the least.


It greatly depends on what you’re offering. In some categories, buyers are even put off by videos.


Thank you so much to make me remember.

I made a nice gig video recently, but when I uploaded it to my gig, my gig thumbnail changed with a sceen from the video. It wasn’t as atractive as my gig thumbnail, and I didn’t feel like the video helped much. So I deleted the video. I don’t believe that adding a video makes any difference in fiverr algorithm


@urdeke - Fiverr says this right next to where the video space is on creating a gig.


:grimacing: When the boss call you out on your bs, haha. Thank you @coerdelion. I have the same 3 or 4 gigs up for the longest time now, not that this is an excuse and even if skeptical I could’ve been nicer about it.

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yes video can boost your gig upto 40% and it is very helpful to new freelancers .

It does not boost conversions. Pretty sure it said “Can increase user engagement by 40%”, which means people might engage with your profile for longer, watching a video that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

I’ve tried with and without a video, and there’s a 0% difference in conversions or impressions despite having a good video.


That’s interesting, @adsensewizard - I’m not convinced about them either … but have other uses for my own videos, not confined to Fiverr

yes, i think you are right @ash_expert

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Thank you for the new idea

But you can change/set the thumbnail by clicking on the pencil icon while hovering over the video in your edit section

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I know that but I didn’t think that I’d be forced to use a sceen from video as thumbnail, so I didn’t add the thumbnail image to the video. Also even though video was in full hd, gig thumbnail looked a bit blurry after video

That maybe because your video would have dimensions of 1280720 and the recommended gig image dimensions is around 550370 to perfectly fit in!!

I use a full hd (1920x1080) image for gig thumbnail, and it doesn’t look blurry at all.

Hi, Which software, App or Website or service is better for making a video for Fiverr Gig??