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Fiverr gig video... Need help


Okay, so I wanna know how should I make my gig video that it should be acceptable. Since, I tried once or twice using PowerPoint and it didn’t work. Can anyone help please?


Hi there, it really depends of your own skill level and the type of video you want for your gig. Explainer, whiteboard, cartoon, narrative… Hey, you could even record yourself talking about your gig. I’ve seen a lot of successful gigs that do this. Video editing can take hours to master and can be a bit frustrating at times so it just depends on what you feel comfortable with.

In general, for my own videos and the ones in my gigs, I use a combination of platforms, power point being one of them and then import the slides and animations into another video editor.

There also some movie making apps online that allow you to make your own but they may also have a fee to remove their own logos or yearly commitments.

Honestly, my suggestion is to look right here on fiverr. There are tones of great artist on fiverr. Why not seek out a gig that could make the perfect video for you? Fiverr sellers are wonderful because they are coming from the same place and understanding of what will sell a gig. Take the stress and time away from the worry. Just brows and there are many,


do you mean the gig explainer video or that you are offering video services in gigs?


thank you so much ,


The gig explainer one actually.


can you tell me name of any free software?


Hitfilm (4) Express is free video editing software (though requires internet activation) - which also has compositing features.
Fusion 8 is free compositor (or at least there’s a free version of it, but the free version doesn’t have all features. It’s also not very easy to use - as it works a bit different to other compositors).


Thank you…:blush: