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Fiverr Gig Video Requirements

Just curious. When I create a promotional video for my gig, do I personally HAVE to appear in the video, whether physically or narrating? I’ve been trying since last week to upload a video I created. I don’t appear in it, nor is my voice present. It’s a 30-second promo piece, with graphics and music. Simple. When I check for the status of my gig, it says ‘processing video’. I understand it can take up to 24 hours, but mine is still processing after more than 24 hours! This is my first listing, and I’m quite frustrated and don’t understand what the problem is. If a video is not approved, should I receive a notification from Fiverr?

No you don’t have to appear (just state exclusively on and you should get a notification if the video is not approved. Since last week is way too long, mine never takes more than 24 hours. Contact CS and see what’s going on.

This happened to me once. I waited two days for the video to process and it never did. I deleted the video and reloaded it. Within a few hours it was reviewed and active. My advice is to reload the video.

Please how do i create a video of my gig? I need to make them more presentable and I need your earnest advice and tutorial.

Reply to @maestromaster:

Thanks for replying. I’ve deleted and reloaded my video several times, with no success. I sent a message, and the video, to Customer Support. I’ll just have to wait for their response!

Reply to @newopp:

Thanks for your reply! I just sent a message and my video to Customer Support. Waiting for a reply. I’m very curious to know what the problem is!

hey guys, does it need someone to utter the words “exclusively on fiverr”?

Reply to @sweetex: You can use webcam and power point to make a simple video like this:

If you need more detailed tutorial, please subscribe to my channel then send me a message, I will make a video tutorial for you :slight_smile:


Sometimes, Fiverr Support is too busy to response in 24 hours so I think it will be no problem. But for best use of video, you should combine footage of yourself with slideshow: