Fiverr gig video


How to make a video for fiverr gig? what is the impact of uploading a video on gig ?

any body tell me about this?


@cre8ive_design: The instructions for making a Gig video are located here from the Support section of the website. Scroll down the page to see “Adding Video”


It helps create more sales.

And even if you cannot make a live video, you can make a cool power point presentation and export it in a video format. Or you can hire a Fiverr person to create a video for you, there are lots of sellers that do that.

Just go research the top rated sellers in your category that sell similar things and see what kind of videos they have to get ideas and inspiration.


You can do video slide show using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to create your video, or film yourself with your phone. Or hire one of the Fiverr video providers such as myself to make it for you.