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Hey, do gig videos really make a difference?

Should the video be your own personal video of you discussing the gig or should it be those animated videos?

What do you guys think? what is more effective?

I think using videos to show your product is a HUGE selling factor. I do voice over work, so I know that buyers need to be able to hear me to know what I sound like and to know what kind of quality they can expect.

We are a very visual society now, so I think showcasing your work will help you sell.

Gig videos are great. People would much rather listen/see what your gig is than read about it.

In your case, I would recommend hiring an animator to showcase your work, unless if you have high quality filming equipment and a good camera presence to do it yourself. Hope this helps!

Videos definitely help. They should be personal but professional. It really depends on your category. Look at your competition for inspiration, but don’t be afraid to do something to help make you stand out.

Remember people hire people they like. Help them like you!

personal vs. an animated intro is really up to you. It depends on yourself personally if you come across well on video, how your speaking is, they both work. It really depends on what kind of gig you are selling and which way you can communicate your services the best. Start writing a script out for both ways and see which one you think will work better, then go make that.

how can I create a video of myself ? are there any softwares for this. I have a mac.

Reply to @safwan: Does your Mac have a webcam?

If so open up either silly little PhotoBooth application it comes with or Quicktime. Both will let you record a video. Just make sure you hv a nice background behind you and decent lighting.

Then you can edit it in iMoive. Or just make sure it is pretty much completed and upload it directly without any editing right from the other programs.

awesome thanks, ill try that out :slight_smile: