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Fiverr gig videos!

Hi, Fiverrers! Hehe. I’m really new here, I actually started because I wanted to help my grandma sell her crochet dolls!

Then, I wanted to check if I could do some hand-made animation, and the results have been AMAZING, good number of orders and great feedback. I’m felling pretty good!! :smiley: Specially because I’m doing what I love!

Anyway, I noticed that one of the things that helped me sell fast was having a video - being an animation gig I did needed one duh! - so, I figured: maybe there are TONS of Fiverr sellers in need of Gig videos! Sooooo I created this gig ONLY for the Fiverr community:

As you can see it’s a handmade whiteboard animation. NO generic software, just me, my sharpies and paper :slight_smile:

Hope it helps! And hope you like it!