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Fiverr Gig Went on last page of search result

Hello Everyone,

its been a month my all gigs went on last page of search results you can see my gig impressions fall from almost 1500-2000 a day to 50-200

it is very painful that after completing all the requirements of TRS i am facing a huge drop when i barely receiving few orders from my existing clients

i have tried many things like changing keywords than i decided to change the complete look of the gigs

but nothing worked out

can anyone help me or suggest me what else i can do?

i am so worried about this

Thank you for your replies in advance


Hi Mate, I can understand your pain as I am also going through this. My gig was used to be on 1st page and now it’s somewhere on the last pages. There were used to be 3-4 thousands of gig impressions and now they are only 3-4 hundred. I am really surprised that what’s happening, even after making all the possible changes I am helpless.

Let’s figure this out together.

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Thank you for your reply,

yes i have read about it that it’s called as “Gig Rotation” but still there have to be some ways to get it sorted

i am having around 970+ reviews with 5 star rating still i am facing this

it is very disappointing

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Any idea about the duration of gig rotation?

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few are facing this from months to years, so i hope there has to be any way to get out of it

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OMG years? I am facing this from last 3 months and despite making all the possible changes to my gig nothing improved. If this is the case I think only prayers can do magic.

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