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Fiverr Gigs Evolution from 2010 to 2019 - Very Interesting

Hello All,

Kindly check this fiverr gigs evolution since 2010. This video copied from fiverr official linkedin post


Thanks.That’s interesting.
I assume it’s based on number of sales. Logo design seems very popular currently being twice that of the next on the list. I’m a bit surprised SEO is the 2nd on the list currently.

It should really clarify it if it’s based on number of sales though. Maybe it should have a similar thing based on price so you could get an idea of profits.

Why? Everyone seems to want to be the first in Google search, and many SEO sellers promise that.

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Yes you’re probably right. It must be in demand based on those stats. Maybe where the whole gig is about that in some way. I’d seen SEO mentioned in gigs (like as one of the benefits their gig offers) and it didn’t seem to help them get more orders/reviews.

thank you that is so interesting …thanks for details

LOGO DESIGN is most demanding service now because each and every business (Small, Medium or Large scale Industries) need a logo to recognize their business or brand. Either it is a Lettermark or Wordmark or Combination logo or Signature style logo, there is a lot of awareness now about logo design to market and create awareness about their business or brand.

That’s why logo design is on TOP of all for several years.