Fiverr gigs for Wikipedia page


why my gigs of create and update your Wikipedia page is DENIED

can anyone help me to approved this gigs?


Fiverr does not allow that type of gig.


but steel have live 2 gigs about wikipedia page


Ask CS for the answers. We are Buyers/Sellers we don’t have the power to overrule CS decisions.


Didn’t they give you a reason for the gig denial?


how to contact CS?


You can either use the app or the web to contact support. On the app, click on menu, then support, select category and explain what you need help with. Web; click help on your icon at the top right of your homepage, click help then select seller help(considering youre a seller). Hope that helps


I’m pretty sure Wikipedia’s rules say you can’t charge to create/update, and if it breaks Wikipedia’s rules it’s a ToS violation. So that would be why, probably.

Side note: the spam multiposters/reposters on Craigslist are ToS violators too.