Fiverr Gigs Impression Goes down Suddenly..! Why?


Hi It’s IconicSEO,

We are not new in Fiverr. We are working from last year and everything was good. But from last 3 weeks there is no order placed on my gigs. When i analysed i saw that my impression goes down from 300 to 10. That is Unbelievable. I don’t know what is the reason my gigs impressions falls very quickly. If there is also problem with your Gigs like mine please discuss here.,
Check the image below



Hi IconicSEO,
I have the same issue. My impressions reached at 100 but in last 3 days its down to 22…
What is the issue and how to resolve it?


it happen some time you can follow my ruls like


hahah - everyone facing this issue :slight_smile: Nothing is permanent at fiverr.


You all are right but i thought it’s not due to content and the Title. If it is due to these things then my only one gig ranking should goes down.But it has applied on my all gig. i think that it is just because that they need to get chance to the New Buyers to get orders.

Here is My Gig URL:

This have a great number of reviews and Trust. I don’t know what is the reason. Why my Impression going down the road.


Your CTR (Click Through Rate) meaning not many people are clicking your link and viewing your gig.

Which can mean your title is not catchy and I would say your image is definitely not attracting buyers, as well as your search ranking must of dropped once that happened.

Now less buyers are seeing your gig


You are promoting your gig in other post. It’s spamming. :smiley: you know about search algorithm but do not know forum rules. that’s awkward


so true :smiley:
I was really worried at the beginning because the gig that keeps me going here has suddenly stopped and I was thinking what have I done wrong.


I’m not talking about CTR. Actually my gig is not ranking on the keywords in which it was since ranking. CTR will be apply when my gig will show to them. But it’s not showing.


So Brother raventl Did you figure it out what’s the problem ? If you got any Answer let me know :slight_smile:


Hy Usman,

I really don’t know what is going down with our Gigs. As i observe that it is just due to the Fiverr Algorithm changing. Because not my single gigs impression goes down suddenly. But my all gigs have the same issue. It means that they change something at the back-end. And hope our Gigs will again get the Impressions very soon


Have you changed your gig recently? I had the issue with changing my gig taking it completely out of the search, the only way you could find it was by going to my actual profile, which hardly any buyers would ever do, even though it had previously ranked well. I questioned it with customer support and they fixed it up for me, so perhaps check and see if you can find your gig in the search and if not, get a ticket in ASAP.


this mean people don.t click in your gig


I really don’t know. I know that I made few gig changes back in January, it pushed me down a bit but now I don’t know what’s going on.


I’m having the same problem. I just got promoted to level 1 seller and now my gig impressions for my best selling gig are racing down to 0 (currently at 26 a week and not rising). Isn’t that ironic?

I also haven’t had any sales since last week