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Fiverr Gigs Stolen

Did a search of my gig - just my run of the mill, every couple of weeks thing - and found a website where a person literally stole 4 pages worth of Fiverr gigs to get work. This person, I don’t know if I can mention their name here - is from India and literally stole people’s gigs and photos from here to use on that website. I also noticed they stole information from Amazon to write up their gigs.

I’ve written to this website, not that it’ll do any good… but you never know… to get the gig of mine removed from the listing. We’ll see if anything comes of it!

CS has always been really great about removing duplicates of my gig (though they can’t directly tell me they’ve removed it, for privacy reasons…but it always disappears). I think they pretty strictly follow the guideline that our gig descriptions are ours and it isn’t cool for someone to steal them, especially because it legitimately confuses buyers.

@emeralddawnn’s problem though, is that the South Asian THIEF has not only stolen her gig and others, but posted it OFF-Fiverr. So there’s NOTHING CS can do about it.


  1. Emerald, contact Google and file a DCMA complaint with them. They can de-list the Thief’s entire website - which will hurt the Scumbag, badly!

    If you need help with filing a DCMA, contact Ryan (he posts often here in the forum). He’s had to do it so many times (unfortunately!), that he’s sure to be an expert at it.

  2. Contact the other Fiverr Sellers who’ve had their gigs stolen by the Thief, and have them ALSO file DCMAs.

    The more Google receives, the more PAINFUL will be their “retribution” against the Thief’s website!

  3. Contact Amazon.

    They are FAST to take action against any website they perceive as “damaging” them!

    Hope these help,