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Fiverr Gig's Video Thumbnails are Changed :/



I saw since yesterday all gig Video thumbnails are changed. we cannot fix it.

I contacted CS but they told me they working on it but it sill not fixed…

anyone knows update about it ?



I have the same problem but today my videos not play


Yes, my GIGs video thumbnails changed. I hope they will solve the problem soon.


I hope they resolve it too


Mine have done the same.


Same here


How’s this working for everybody? Is it fixed? I can set my thumbnail now, and my main gig video will play, but my portfolio vids still won’t play.


now its OK :slight_smile:


Hopefully it gets fixed for us, too.

Our gigs have their thumbnails changed from having a person in them to being a boring blue background. We are hitting record-low views on gigs :frowning:

Your posts give me confidence that this will be fixed soon


Same here @inet_solutions. I reached out to CS and they claim it’s fixed. But my newsroom gigs are still showing preview screen at 2 seconds in (I think it’s 2 seconds). Users looking for my services will pass my gigs because they’re not seeing a video spokesperson. As a result, my sales of spiraled significantly. I guess I am going to have to re-edit the beginning to all my news gig :frowning:


I have same problem and open discusion,

when go to edit video photo for preview not working…

Is not show set photo is show empty photo…


Dear member,what method use to change your video thumbnail…?pls share.