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Fiverr - gimme a break! My gigs are best delivered LIVE

I am a business coach with 17 years experience. I coach via phone so they get their 15 minutes of help. SOOOOO I need their contact info or have to give them mine. I have written to you a few times about this and once got an OK.

Now I get those dire warnings from Fiverr if I mention a phone # or ask about Skype, etc. I love helping people and have Never skipped Fivver to go off the books. Do I stay o do I go???

since this is not customer support no one here can give you a definite answer but if you got the OK to contact buyers by phone then that should be enough. The dire warnings when you give a phone number or mention Skype MIGHT be just a generic built in warning for everyone but customer support would again be the ones to ask. If they say it’s ok take a screenshot of their reply and save it for future reference if needed.

If you want to offer live services via Skype, Google Hangouts, etc, then you have to clear that with customer support. As long as you get permission from them first, then it’s okay, but you have to be careful that they don’t think you’re taking business off of Fiverr. For example, I offer my services as a video recording, and I deliver my videos via YouTube. For this purpose I created a dedicated Google+ and YouTube accounts with no way for the client to contact me via those services - I keep ALL communications on my Fiverr account. As for scheduling live services, though, I feel like Fiverr isn’t the best platform for that. The processes they have in place to manage order delivery, delivery time, etc. makes scheduling live, private sessions a bit wonky. You can sure work around it if you handle it right, but I don’t think Fiverr’s the best format for live services.

As others have said… customer support has the final say. I’ve been frustrated by their responses before and I’ve learned, you kinda have to be a bit aggressive about getting the answers you need as opposed to a form letter that may or may not actually have anything to do with what you said.

Having said that, I’ve dealt with gigs that require contact info before. The guideline that I was given was that if you pass information within the order page of a relevant gig then you are fine. But try not to discuss that using the regular message system. Regular messages are heavily moderated. Even if your buyer just decides to send you contact info with no prompt from you, their message can get red flagged and you may not get it.

Basically you are fighting against automation. With so many members and so many scams, the view is definitely one of ‘better to risk flagging perfectly legitimate messages than risk letting any of the spam or scams through’.

Are you giving out Skype or phone numbers before or after the buyer pays for the gig? If it is before that is a problem. If you got permission from Customer Support and after a buyer pays for the gig and you send that, then it should not be a problem.

If you are conversing with potential buyers before you make the sale, that is a problem and not allowed.

Hmmn,I usually ask for their info when I get the inquiry or I will give them my info. I prefer to set an appointment and to thencontact them. I will try to again get the OK from Cust Service and then paste that OK into my gig decription. Too bad they cna’t figure a way to do this without triggeriing red flags.

I don’t think buyers would want to pay first and then get services after the fact

Reply to @salescoachjim: Oh no wonder, that is the reason then. That will not work. You can’t send personal info just to do inquiries and talk with people to try and sell them the gig.

And yes, of course they pay first and then get services, that is how the whole site of Fiverr works! No wonder why you are getting warnings :slight_smile:

It is not like doing a service in person where you go get your haircut and then you pay when it’s done. The only way to start the job is to have the payment go through.

You are not understanding that, you are getting the OK to actually do your service as a skype coaching session not getting an ok to just exchange Skype to set up appointments and do inquiries first. Do not paste that OK into your gig. You simply state your gig is via Skype, and then you do not exchange SKype info until after the person pays, then you should not have problems.

Reply to @kjblynx: but read what they wrote, they are giving out Skype before and doing the work first and then collecting payment. That’s not going to continue to go over very well.

Reply to @kjblynx: Ok good to know, but yes, they need to change their protocol or they could get banned soon. Or they will go a job and be shocked when the buyer doesn’t pay.