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Fiverr give me a warning. Now what can i do?

A few days ago a buyer gave me his personal information.I told him i won’t work outside of Fiverr also i block him by saying this. But today i have been given a warning from Fiverr. I want to know what is wrong with me here for which i was given a warning?


Send screenshots to CS.

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If you even say “Outside of Fiverr”, “Money” or “Pay” the automated system flags your message. But at least in the past Fiverr has manually checked flagged messages, as my messages often get flagged when I say “You can see payment methods when placing an order”. But perhaps they have less people working now with the pandemic and they have automated many systems.

So if you get a warning prompt before sending the message, put spaces between words that trigger it. Like “payment” would be “p ayment” instead. It looks unprofessional, but it’s better than getting your innocent message flagged.


Now this buyer account don’t show on my inbox. Now what can i do?

Thanks for your tips. But now what can i do? Why Fiverr gave me a warning?

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You can contact fiverr CS for your problem.

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They send me this mail. image

If it’s just because you wrote “outside of Fiverr” which got flagged and then they manually gave you a warning you should contact them about it through the helpdesk and let them know that you were saying you “can’t work outside of Fiverr”.

If it was a buyer you had an active order with they might not want you to block them in that case. But I don’t think they should give a warning for it. I’d contact them about it though and explain what happened and see if they can remove the warning.

If you weren’t offering to work outside of Fiverr they probably made a mistake.


Thank you so much for your help. :gift_heart: :gift_heart: :gift_heart: