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Fiverr give me a warning, What can i do now?

Someone helps me. Fiverr give me a warning for requesting feedback. What can I do now? Is it creat any problem for my account? Next time how can I save my account to avoiding warning.


Requesting feedback is totally against of Fiverr TOS. Be careful and if you warn again within 30 days then your account will be banned. Please read carefully Fiverr TOS before starting Fiverr. It will helps you a lot.


After 30 days it will be okay?

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Hi Sabbir,

I think you will be fine if you do not ask people for reviews again. Your statistics will come right in time. Just avoid getting more warnings for anything within the 30 days and I am sure your account will be fine. :slight_smile:

As ashraful_arman said, read Fiverr TOS as you don’t want to get anything else wrong.

Although it is scary to get a warning, it will pass as long as you just carry on doing good work and don’t get more warnings.

Good luck!


don’t worry. after 30 days warning will remove automatically from your account. But in future never do this again. Thanks

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Please read term of service thoroughly


Yes, It will be okay

What you can do is to follow fiverr warning and stop asking buyers to review. It’s against ToS.

Yes it creates problem. If you receive 2 more warnings about this you can get your account closed.

My suggestion is, stop asking reviews and start reading Fiverr Terms of Service.


The 30 days only applies to the effect on the levels system.

Make sure to get no further warnings as warnings stay on your account and can be seen by Fiverr staff forever.

Check this out: for a full explanation.


Not true. As @lloydsolutions said, the warning affects the levels system for 30 days, but stays on the account forever.

By not breaking the rules.