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Fiverr Gives Unlimited Limited For 3 Revisions

So I have an order where I provided 3 Revsions and in Gig its mentioned that 3 Revisions however up to now the buyer has 4th time asked for revision. I did changes and when 3rd time there were 3 changes I did those and submit my order.

To my surprise I now was waiting for message to finalize but again (buyer requested a change) on checking again its the 4th revision being asked.

What kind of system is that? Has anyone had such problem before?

It is up to you to enforce your revision rule. I tell the client I only offer x number of revisions, and they will have to pay $5 for any additional changes.

Of course, then you are open to a bad review.


Everyone. You can “kindly refer” your buyer to your gig description and create an extra for additional revision (which you can also refer them to). People usually tend to approve deliveries faster when you mention they have to pay for each new round.

But I agree, the system is ridiculous.


I offer only 1 revision, but the buyer requested revision 4 times :hushed:

Issue is the system user shall not be able to ask more than 3 if we added 3 in gig. I have given 10 revision and it wont stop even the revisions now are not like really making sense and this stop order from being complete.

System is wrong is a buyer is gets unlimmitted revisions even after adding just 3 why will he pay he might think he is trying to get extra money.

I offered 3 this happened to me now because almos thardly in 1 revison all is set. But today I already gave 10 revisions and its unstopable

You can contact customer support if you have objections or suggestions about this. I did.

But I’ve been here for 4 years and I believe the system is here to stay.

Your buyer “might think” that, but in my experience it’s not the case. Most buyers are understanding (and even a bit self-conscious about being “too difficult”) and don’t mind paying an extra.

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If Top Sellers complaints are not being addressed I will not wish to waste time LOL

Will try to see I have not that bad experiences though but just wanted to check if it might be just problem on my side