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Fiverr gives us a good place during Covid Pandemic Lock down

Actually I am studying and create profile in Fiverr during in the Covid Pandemic Lock down time. I was working in a Company in KSA and lost my Job due to pandemic stuck. When I was thinking what will happened tomorrow ,suddenly turn to my brain to Youtube Channel to take free of my tension and lonely. Then I am trying to study about Online working Flat Form. Mr. Sajil Latheef Tutorial helped me to Learn about the Fiverr and online working flat form. I can never imagine How was Fast last three month. So I am thankful Fiverr especially Sajil Latheef.


I see you don’t have any gigs on display.

Check out: for how to get started on Fiverr.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


welcome aboard shoukathvalivm

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Thanks for your invitation.I Created in Buyer Account by mistake. will back in Seller Gig

Thanks for your reply

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As you have now created your gig and put a link I have moved this to the correct category of My Fiverr Gigs.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot for your support :heart:

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  1. It’s been nearly two and half months since i have been working on this platform

  2. I feel its a great online platform to explore your capabilities competing with numerous others

  3. Fiverr is an incredibly exhilarating freelance site that gives us various opportunities to explore a self within us in today’s busy world.

  4. It indeed customer friendly and safeguards our data.

  5. The payments we make here are secure and they provides refund if any issue occur by chance.If you want to enhance your skill and talent on a freelancing source then this is a great way to earn your money on an internationally acclaimed website.

  6. I just got my first order even before a span of 30 days from my date of joining.


Good Luck I wish you all your success :+1:

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There is no need to keep repeating your gig link.

Just use the little edit pen and add it to your initial post.

Thanks for your quick response

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all the best. I wish you all the success in your journey

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Thanks for your wishes