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Fiverr Glitch


I cannot see my messages, when on my to do list it says i have unread messages, I cannot even see my read messages,

Going into an order on my to do list and all the instructions have disappeared!!

Am i the only person going through this?


I have the same issue. Time is passing away and I can’t start working…


You are not alone, I too have been facing this problem today!


This is really frustrating! I hope if our orders get to the late in delivery point, we get back the time necessary somehow.

No notification whatsoever of an update or tweak to the site…sigh…


Reply to @jdadvertising:

I’m fairly certain that the messages thing is due to an error or outage, not planned updates.


@jdadvertising I am rather sure that even if you get 1/5 star reviews for beeing late fiverr won’t change the ratings or anything like that…most of my gigs are 24h delivery and I work on a daily basis and now my working hours are starting. Too bad that I’m starring at empty orders :confused:

I am writing a support ticket but since it’s night at the US I am not expecting a quick response…


Ditto. Can’t start working :v


Fiverr is down at this time.


I remember last Sunday they kept posting that message about how they would be down for 15 minutes during the night. It’s funny they would do that since the site is often down without it being announced.


Tonight i cant see any new updates and they turned my entire profile to spanish…WTH!!!


Reply to @jdadvertising: The random language issue has been happening off and on for about a month now. Sometimes Spanish, sometimes French - at least those are the ones I get. Logging out, clearing my cache and signing back in usually corrects it.

Nothing like having another issue to work around in Fiverrland!