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Fiverr Glitches and Manipulative Buyers can make for a Stressful Environment

As a seller, we all have to deal with buyers who tries to manipulate your hard work adding unneeded stress.

Now add all the glitches on Fiverr and it adds even more stress.

I just had a buyer who said he bought my gig and gig extras ($45). I told him I never got his order. I check my sales page and also I checked under the Active tab to make sure the order was not incomplete waiting for buyers instructions. I did not get his order.

There was no orders so I told the buyer I did not get it. He insisted he placed the order through pay pal. I told him that maybe paypal is slow.

After several messages he said he would check again. A few minutes later, I see an order come through from the buyer and messaged him to let him know.

His next message to me was “I had to pay twice and now have paid $90 – what are you gong to do”. He was really unhappy.

I saw the writing on the wall that I would be punished if I gave him a chance to rate me so I cancelled the order and told him he needed to contact Fiverr CS to resolve any payment issues.

BOTTOM LINE: All the Fiverr glitches just adds to the normal stress. When a buyer has problems on Fiverr, even though it is not the seller’s fault, it is the seller who gets punished with a low rating , not Fiverr.

It is getting awfully tiring.

And one more thing. When someone orders extra fast gig, and then fiverr goes offline lol.

About your problem. Did he sent you photo that he ordered twice?

Also he can send you order page link. Just change his nickname to yours and you should see order page yourself.

Glitches happen in any business.

I think you were very prudent and it speaks to your character that you canceled the order rather than risk all the predictable drama.

What troubles me is that now the bar is 5-stars. At least when it was the tip of the scale to a thumbs up, you could manage and be the front line defense when there’s a glitch. Now the risks are too high and everyone loses.

Reply to @steveeyes: Well, yes. Provided they’re glitches that reside with the property.

For example, my lights in my home may go out (glitch)…

…because of faulty writing (mine to fix) or

…because of something belonging to the electric company (not mine to fix).

Believe you me, I’m not making room for fixable glitches…but rather saying that EVEN If all the current glitches were fixed, there would EVENTUALLY be new ones…and that’s a reason to opposed the ARS. … Why? Because the standard is NOW perfection for sellers.

…a standard to which we don’t and have no power to hold Fiverr.

Reply to @anarchofighter: True…but wouldn’t it be nice to get the glitches fixed before adding new features. I think some glitches have been with us for more months :slight_smile: Just a thought

@steveeyes When you cancelled the order, I wonder if the buyer got back $45 or $90?