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Fiverr Glitches - How about you

So, a few weeks ago I posted that I have always been a 5.0 seller. I try hard to take care of my customers and could not understand what was going on the last 90 days.

  • I did discover now you can extend the delivery without penalty when the Buyer does not provide all the materials needed to perform the task. This is a big improvement.
  • I do not agree with if it is mutual cancellation that the seller is penalized as if someone orders wrong, does not read etc. Why should the seller be punished (right?)
    BUT the real issues for me is GLITCHES. I have screen shots I provided to customer care and keep getting the run around.

But, tonight, since my score is 4.6 and the minimum, is 4.7 to keep your Level / Rating - Which I have for the last 90 days bounced up and down like a yoyo. But because of the rating system and being 4.6 I got demoted again back to level 1 seller and it still sits at 4.6 so I expected to be blocked from selling next. But its Glitches.

So first, I have made a greater effort to provide even better customer care. In addition, I changed my instructions to be more clear and help reduce confusion once ordered. I created FAQ in my gigs to help.
Most of my ratings were 5.0 in the last 30 days but because I got a serious of 2, 3, and 4s none of which I thought were right. I had buyers that expected me to violate TOS for youtube which I wont do. People who order who expect me to do those things (assuming I would). I had one buyer who got to rate me even if his order was canceled. In addition He canceled before i had delivered and had 2 days on the clock. He ranted that my service was horrible but I had yet to even deliver. (He was in sane) . So I said all that so you realize for the last 90 days I have been through the ringer. I message support virtually daily.

But, ( GLITCH A) the system flagged an order / message as being violation of TOS. It later was cleared of course because I was not. But, because of this FLAG (GLITCH) It would not allow the delivery to proceed. As a result the order was LATE. Then the system penalized me with the 10% less traffic for being late. I messaged SUPPORT. The support agent was asked to message my buyer to let them know it was not m fault so the buyer would give me a 5.0 rating not think I was just lying to them about not being late. Thankfully I took a screen shot because customer care asked so do you have proof you delivered on time. (well considering their are time stamps on the posts to the buyer why are you even questioning this. But I had a screen shot HA HA. I asked the agent to message the client. The agent said “I see you told them it was a glitch” and failed to message the buyer. I want to rate Support -1 at this point.

GLITCH B Is more scarey. As I been working hard to get 5.0. The last one I got was 4.0 and I was like what. I gave extra to the buyer and the buyer left me a good comment. Something did not seem right, and my gut was right. I was trying to understand so I carefully professionally message the buyer. Asking if I could have done more. Why did they not feel I should not get a higher score… And they informed me they HAD GIVEN ME a 5.0. They had no clue why it was just 4.0. So wonder has anyone lately gotten less than 5.0 and wondered if it was real. I think there is a glitch in the rating system and it always appears to be “service not as described”. I think there is a coding issue. I do not know how to get this to senior management because fiverr support has been no help. In fact they seem to act like they have no power at all.


I remember back in the day when mutual cancellations didn’t affect you. Ah, OG Fiverr.

Glitch B happens alot especially when a user is using mobile - they may mean to type in 5 but something occurs in the process and it leaves 4.0.
I kind of want to lean towards letting Fiverr support know, but also Fiverr flips out when a seller even MENTIONS the word reviews. But yes this issue has been around forever.

It is good that you changed your instructions to clarify your clients more on what you need, etc. so that will help you out more in the long run.

Yes Fiverr does have its glitches but they have come pretty far from when I first started 7 years ago.


Thank you so much for confirming what I was sniffing out. So I contacted Investor Relations assuming they have access to senior level management.

But truly have had sleepless nights, I was trained in customer care. I am a truly good seller ( or intend to be) and watching my score drop with no logic behind it was stressing me. I dropped from Level 2 to a level 1 and my score has not come up so assume shortly I will recieve the letter saying I am frozen from selling. All because of glitches and two buyers who wanted me to do violate TOS of Youtube. Thank you so much… I feel like I can sleep tonight. Sadly I know this has effected my sales. 90 days ago I was getting 2 orders a day in the middle of summer. It is barely one every other day at the moment. So there glitches effected my income.

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It’s been very slow for alot of people. Believe me this is coming from a seller who’s queue was so high that I had to constantly cancel people’s orders. Don’t worry - just keep doing your best and more buyers will come to you.

Well i am also worried about
“I do not agree with if it is mutual cancellation that the seller is penalized as if someone orders wrong, does not read etc. Why should the seller be punished (right?)”
recently a client placed a order by mistake , which reduced my Order Completion rate , on the other hand i always delivered on time…
The Question is why should be I responsible for someone’s mistake?

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I recently got a 4.7 with the customer sounding totally happy in the review text, the got more than promised and expected kind of happy even, the order went smooth as can be, customer didn’t ask for any revision, nothing.
The review sounds as if they’ll happily come back to order again, yet the 1 missing star that led to the 4.7 result was in “Buy again or recommend to a friend”, it doesn’t make sense.

However, knowing from the forum about the infamous 4.7 glitch (I think there’s said to be a … 4.3 (?) glitch too), as well as that discussing reviews with customer or support is a no, even if talking to the customer would result in them saying they (thought they had) pressed and intended to give 5 stars, I just wrote a reply to that “bad” 4.7 review, something like, Glad to hear you were all-around happy with my service, thank you for buying my gig, and shrugged it off then.

This “don’t discuss reviews no matter what” policy seems more strict than fair and needed, yes, at least in cases where it definitely seems like a glitch/accidental pushing because of small phone display or not having one’s glasses on or whatever, but it looks like an absolute unnegotiable, but there is a but.
Trying to see it from Fiverr’s and buyers’ POV, I can also understand it, because even if we think it must because of a glitch/accident, it could be that they simply wanted to give that less than perfect or even “bad” review and I think that Fiverr simply wants to eliminate all and any approaching/bothering buyers with sellers’ issues or even “putting pressure on”/“inflicting a bad conscience” (even unintended) on buyers.

And as a buyer, I’d not like to be bothered with anything like that either. I’d say I’m a pretty friendly buyer but once, when I bought here, the seller messaged to ask for a review, barely after delivery, too - while I was actually just then in the process of writing it and hitting Send, I was really tempted to change it but I imagine if it would have been anything less than 5 stars, I’d have them in my inbox questioning my review and all, and I didn’t want to bother.

From a lot of forum reading as well as some experience buying services here, I do also get Fiverr’s stance on some things, even if, as a seller, I don’t like all of it, or the effects it has on sensible sellers who get caught in and “suffer” because of rigorous policies that in essence target other cases than theirs.

It seems that we can only hope that those “accidents” are halfways fairly distributed over all sellers, as if everyone gets those glitches or customers with too small phone displays or whatever, that should level the playground.
Or we can hope for more case-by-case approach, which would need more staff though, so I don’t know.

I believe they lowered the needed rating to keep one’s level already after the first phase (from 4.9 to 4.8 or whatever), so that’s probably the reaction they saw fit to take to allow for an “error/accident margin” to not stress otherwise good sellers too much when accidents happen.

I wish we could know if it’s actual glitches though, or accidents of the didn’t pay attention, needs a bigger phone or glasses kind.

If the latter, something like a simple “You are about to rate this service with (4.3) stars. Proceed?” might help a lot.
Pretty sure that’s been posted as suggestion before though, and they should have gotten that idea themselves from the numerous times support has to deal with issues like that, so it may have been weighed as adding more steps and discarded.

Anyway, that’s my general thoughts, I’m sorry that you have a real issue with this (obviously, if glitches(?)/accidents happen too often in a too short period, or to sellers who only just started out, that aggravates the issue) and hope it won’t affect your business too much!

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Did you cancel yourself? Ask support to cancel such orders for you (people ordering and immediately canceling “ordered by mistake”, orders that would violate ToS, and the like) without it affecting your rate, many people have good experience with that, me too.

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i heard that Fiverr Support favors client in such case so i had to cancel my myself unfortunately :expressionless: , will try Fiverr Support next time

You didnt have to, you chose to do so, but either way, good luck for the next time. Though I hope it will be a long while until the next such case. :slight_smile:


I think like me you are more than fair. But in my case I had two I believe likely issues that were buyers who thought I would violate TOS and one that the buyer should have not gotten to leave. That dropped my score badly. So I started hyper paying attention. I trying to be super helpful, giving tips and information to the buyer so they were more inclined to leaver 5.0 review. My friend who does Uber says he has phone charges in the car, tiny bottles of water and even keeps soup crackers all to show the riders he cares. So I took his thoughts, and give extra almost ever order in some way. But I could not get enough 5 star reviews in time so my level drop from Level 2 to Level 1. Then I spent the last 30 and my score never went up. I am not sure what happen if this month its also 4.6 (4.7) is the minimum. During this period virtually everyone had left 5.0 score so when I got the 4.0 I freaked out. I took the risk of just being nice to the buyer and see…and think it is a he said - he had left 5.0 I am about to ask if it was on mobile device. Somehow this glitch has to reach upper management. People below just think its human error. But all it takes is Two really bad reviews and you will struggle due to this error. If it is Mobile - Mobile traffic is up another 200% on the web. This glitch matters. Anyone know if there is an Owners email? I also feel like I need even more examples so the code team does not just say nope not us.

Not quite sure how it got to the reviews there in the first place, when I got an order that would have violated ToS, I contacted support and they canceled for me without an effect on my OCR, and buyers can’t leave reviews on cancelled orders.
It seems to be very rare that people get to leave reviews for cancelled orders, there was someone writing about that here recently, and I don’t know if that’s a glitch or if Fiverr allows it under certain circumstances, I think it was the latter in that case, I don’t remember exactly.

If those occurrences are indeed bugs, they definitely should be taken care of, of course, usually, support passes those things on to the tech team to take care of.
Sure it matters if there’s a bug that turns people’s 5 stars reviews into less than 5 stars, many bugs matter. I suffer from a bug where people who don’t have active orders with me can still message me, for example, which, according to support, should not happen and they don’t know how/why it could happen, but it seems I need to live with it.

Anyway, good luck, I don’t think there’s a more personal email known than the support one, but if you’re sure it’s a glitch, you could try twitter, I guess, Fiverr’s or the CEO’s.

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