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Fiverr going down

first this is a response to fiverr sellers who has joined the fiverr community recently


Did you re-read the TOS and compare it to your Gig and offerings?

Did Fiverr give any more specifics in the email?
Often they make the issue more clear than what you have summarized.



Your account was flagged for offering services that are not allowed in our marketplace.
Fiverr allows sellers to create Gigs and offer professional services. However, sellers are required to be aware of our Terms of Service, guidelines, and which services are not allowed on our platform. Additionally, sellers must adhere to all third party Terms of Service.

This is your first warning. If you repeat this violation or continue to violate Fiverr’s TOS, your account will be suspended.

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I have checked my gigs again and compared it Tos but can’t find where the problem is

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I’m pretty sure that, if you use clipart, you can’t include commercial use, as most sources of free-use art and images don’t permit resale. (Third-part ToS violation is a violation of Fiverr ToS.)


You should contact with support center


I think your warning is wrong or possibly you got reported by buyer after he found out he can’t use the image you gave him.

What you have on your profile in your GIG portfolio are stock footage, images from freepik and vectzy and similar.
If you are offering artwork you must put your own work and/or emphasize that you work with templates from stock resource sites.
Templates from freepik and similar can not be used commercialy as is, only modified and only in such way freepik template parts are not key element of the image.

You can use it for your commercial projects but not resell it.
You need to replace all your gig photos with your own images.

It is miracle your gigs survived this long.
Now that Fiverr is looking they will check your images and probably give you second warning to replace all images or ban you permanently.


It’s not wrong. You can’t charge money for something people can access for free, as @imagination7413 says.

Also, Fiverr is for only creating custom to order work, NOT product resale, which is what her clipart gig is.

u can contact fiverr support again…

Annoying CS doesn’t change anything. She DID break the terms and it is a warnable offense.

You don’t remove the consequences of breaking rules by annoying CS.

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i am done…don’t worry

The OP isn’t sure what the reason for the flag was. Contacting CS is the best way for the OP to find out the exact reason for the warning so the OP can make sure not to get another warning. Also I don’t think the OP was selling clip art as-is (but using it in some way in a gig I think). But we don’t know if clip art had anything to do with the OP’s warning (or why the gig got removed if it did). That’s a reason why contacting CS would a good idea so the reason is known.

That part is the reason she should contact CS but what I am saying is if she contacts them now with her account as is she will get banned. All her gigs have photos from internet. She should replace all of that and then contact CS.