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Fiverr ! Got no order :'(

I am Sujon. I am old in fiverr but I didn’t get order. I am always try to develop my skill. I think my skill is enough to get a order, but still now I am not get any order or buyer knock. Now I am become frustrated. What can I do?


No, you are not. You joined Fiverr this month (“October 2018”). There have only been 7 days in October.

Unless you have more than one account, in which case, you’re breaking the the Fiverr site rules and are in danger of being banned by Fiverr.

If you want orders, get out there, market and promote your gigs, and EARN your orders!


I have one account :slight_smile: . I am manualy deactvie my old account, because not get order. So I call me as old seller on fiverr. Thanks.

I see many skill artists specially in my 3D field i see Korean, chines, Japanese etc that they have very good portfolio and they work very good but the problem is communication skill. I am still not that good but my advice for you to have a outstanding portfolio plus the description and then focus on your communication skill like how to talk to client.

There is nothing wrong to say “no problem” to your client but i don’t use this word cause it has “no” at the beginning so i will always you “yes” or “of course” and then stuff like “I will do”

I should stop now.

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Follow these steps hope this will help you :slight_smile:


Many many thanks, Obliviously communication skill is so much important for a seller. I always follow your instruction.

Thanks. I try. Pray for me.

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Market your gigs, win the buyers intentions with your high end cover letter. That is how you are going to get this. Best of luck

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Well, technically, if you haven’t sold anything, than you can’t call yourself a “seller”. :wink:

And, to be honest, deleting a perfectly good account merely because you didn’t gain any orders there, doesn’t mean that your new account will do any better. You’re still going to have to do the same work to be successful on this account, as you should have been doing on your old account. Deleting an unsuccessful account, and making a new account, does NOT mean that the new account will be more successful.

What you need to be doing is thinking like a businessman. You clearly haven’t been doing that on either account.

every day you can use your 10 buyer request. try more and more

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Check this out

hi I am work on fiver but fiver not give me any order pleaz help me

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It takes time sometimes a month or more than a month to get your first order so be patient,
send offers to buyer request, be online.
Wish you all the best:)

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YOu Do To Do More,
Stay online Daily 12 hours at least.
Update you GIg Daily.
Share Your Gig on Social Media Daily

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whether you manually deactivate account created date is not changing on the profile page

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