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Fiverr Graphic Seller no skill , still dare to list their gig?

I purchased a mobile app mockup and pay $40 for the project. I provide my sketches and want the seller to finish the screen in illustrator.

After 2 days, he delivered this result… ok, urm what a disheartening result, I know $40 isn’t a lot, and I get what I pay for, but to be honest. I was expecting more from a Level 1 Graphic Designer with 79 great reviews. I do agree that I’m a student , and have limited budget, but I did order the seller premium gig for $15 each

After received from him, I spend like 1 hrs to re-design and this is what I came out myself
Even an amateur (myself) can create this work, what is the excuse for the Lvl1 seller?
I should create a graphic gig on Fiverr as well haha

This really give a bad impression for people who are buying on Fiverr… sadly


For 15$ real designers will deliver you color shade they will make your product in after you pay them 300$.

The purpose of lower tier sellers on Fiverr is to satisfy the lower budget clients.

In that segment you need lottery ticket to strike great artist starting out and underselling their services.

This is average work you get for 15$.

I know you think he could do better but if he knew how to do it better he wouldn’t be charging 15$ for 2-3 hours of work and research.

Yes, and in most cases, this tells them that they need to set a more realistic budget and choose a higher tier seller or do the opposite, hire 3 sellers at 5$ hoping one will come through.


That’s it, for me this design value is at least 15$. Want something better then hire a pro and pay him more. “Dare to list their gig”? Damn, you know that people have to start from somewhere? That’s why he’s taking 15$ a design and not 100$ for one.


Check out their spelling of the word ‘Recipes’. They’ve spelt it ‘Receipes’. :man_facepalming:

The old adage applies - you get what you pay for. Their effort isn’t terrible for $15, but nor is it a particularly usable concept. Like so many cheap services, you end up buying twice (or in your case doing the work yourself).


hahaha, that’s just a click bait, I want to hear ppl thought about the thread, sorry if it sounds offence :grimacing:
Yep, I’m a student and short of budget, but I did order the seller premium gig for 4 screens ($10 each) Below are the result, the splash screen is a free bonus



Ahh ok, well it’s not so bad for 10$ each. I mean there is some problems with white space and alignment but overall for that price its alright imo.


sorry is $10 without the fee. Agree with you, but quite short of budget haha.
I did provide the seller with everything, the color palette , the sketch layout, and the reference images that I want the seller to use. All the seller need is to combine and adjust accordingly using his/her design sense

This is completely another set of ball game here. I though 15$ total.

For 10$ a piece you should get something better.

I charge 15$ a piece (one design, banner) so …

To start with Fiverr, we all start with underpriced work to get started and get reviews.
Before beginning on Fiverr, some people often find advises to do less work for less money, instead of doing regular work for less money (underselling your services).
I guess this work was also given less efforts because of the low budget. This might not be the best they can do and they know it.
Another reason could be that people never grow beyond their skills. I know a lot of so called “graphic designer” on Fiverr came from YouTube as some guy told them how ‘easy’ it is to earn money on Fiverr. I’m sure a lot of people take designs from the internet, recreate as their own and try to earn money on that.
Although I don’t know about the designer in this case. They maybe very hard working. Its not bad for 15$
Thank you.

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It seems like graphic designers niche is being blamed so much these days.


And look at the inconsistent size of the logos - all different sizes.

Seriously, this seller has no attention to detail.


haha, I’m actually fine with those spelling error. Those can be changed easily. Just the design sense isn’t that good

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You shouldn’t be fine with it. It’s the mark of a sloppy worker. Two spelling mistakes, inconsistent design concepts, and overall poor execution?

As professional sellers, we should be leading the way with accuracy and talent - otherwise we all suffer by association with the no hopers that plague the platform.

Yesterday I had a potential buyer want to undercut my rate by more than half. Their justification was that there were other sellers much cheaper than me. I told the buyer to go and work with one of the other sellers if they wanted to, and that I’ll still be here when they require a professional service.


I’m sorry, but their design is clearer and better than yours.

  • What if there is no order history? Yours will look broken.
  • What about dark mode? The green/yellow will make it impossible to look at your app.

If color is the only reason you do not like it, ask for a revision, politely. It’s even better to ask why they chose the color first. Your brand color might be their inspiration.

P.S. An app mockup like this costs a lot more. It’s still a steal at $10 each.

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Oh, you mean this one is better than what I had re-designed? That’s interesting

I don’t blame you for this , because you didn’t read the brief, but these are not available in this mobile mockup.

Maybe true, but I had provided the seller different colour scheme to choose from , and the sketch layout, the reference images of the existing app.

I just saw this and remembered this topic.

So soon we will have another designer with superb portfolio.

Also I watched YT videos of Fiverr seller about how he makes 500$ in one order selling YouTube subscription and videos made by Vidnami (I wanted to know more about Vidnami) and funny thing is he doesn’t share his Fiverr link in description due to him on Fiverr being fluent English speaking woman.

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You do realize that Level 1 sellers are just above New sellers? Level Two, TRS and Pro are higher than Level 1.

The misspelling of recipes got me too. Wow - and to think that is the gist of the whole app - recipes!