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Fiverr.Great idea in concept.Terrible in execution & Arrogant top rated sellers(Warning: Long post)

Fiver demonstrates how awful buggy software can still make money for people.

I purchased a service, nearly immediately after the service was labeled as ‘delivered’ I received a message in my email warning me of a TOS violation and that it may affect my standing. Immediately I went to cancel the order because of that message and I did not want my standing with Fiverr to be affected negatively. The seller refused to cancel and explained that the service is entirely permissible but I never received any response from Fiverr explained that the service was indeed permissible. I had to initiate contact with Fiverr in order to get clarification. That by itself is bizarre, why should I a customer/client have to do the leg work to try to resolve a faulty product? The answer is I should not, even when I walk in to a 99 cent/5 dollar or 10 dollar store if I buy something that is broken or faulty they will 99% of the time take it back and replace it or refund my money. So it seems Fiverr encourages a certain level of arrogance from discount sellers of products. I am in the process of rebuilding my own ecommerce site and if the customer is dissatisfied with the product I sold him, no matter what the price my supplier encourages me to offer a refund and receive the product back.

With regards to the service purchased it was a 1 hour consultation on skype on how to get my site up and running. The seller has all my necessary information which Fiverr only later clarified is permissible to have shared. So I have a lot riding on this and am not here to play games, by the way the seller is a top rated seller as well. The seller offered the time to meet on skype we are in two different time zones, so I calculated the time according to my time zone. Admittedly I made a mistake and was off by one hour, seller made no effort to clarify. However my skype was open and I was at my desk for the better part of the later half of the day we scheduled for. The seller took no initiative to contact me, the seller admits that he was available at that time waiting on me. Again, I admit that my fault was that I was off by one hour and initiated contact 1 hour too late unfortunately. Nonetheless its not that hard to send a text message via skype to initiate communication. So I reiterate, Fiverr encourages a certain level of arrogance from sellers and possibly more specifically top sellers.

But I felt/feel absolutely terrible this was becoming a bad situation made worse.

The seller informed me that they were already on another call, I apologize to the seller for interrupting, the seller offered to reschedule which I certainly appreciate. We agreed on a day and we went our separate ways.

But by that point I have been left so frustrated by this situation that I decided I simply must receive my money back and be done with this. This service/interaction is worse in value than what I would get from a 5 dollar discount store and I paid 50 dollars. So I decided to cancel the order and explained that I can comfortably say that no services have been offered in exchange for the money I paid. Yes, again I admit that I chose to cancel again after we tentatively agreed via skype to reschedule and the seller did not offer a specific time for the rescheduled day only a day.

I wrote to the seller and to Fiverr support explaining the situation as best I could and saying that have to be released from this. The seller’s response has been that they do not see a problem on their end because ‘technically all’ I ‘paid for was an hour of their time’. Even though the description clearly states that it was for an hour of consultation on skype, and if we were to discuss technicalities it was a service I paid for and did not receive.

I am still in the process of resolving this issue but what is becoming clear is that Fiverr is nothing more than an eco-system that cultivates:

A) A discount service and discount attitudes by sellers that would be rated worse than a 5 dollar store you would walk in to to buy something.

B) Actually encourages a regression in human interaction and customer service in general.

The sellers forum even has advice on ‘how to say no to a customer’. With that kind of attitude really why bother doing business here? Imagine walking in to a store buying a product for 5 dollars and at the counter the cashier says ‘no’.

Why bother wasting your time and efforts as a buyer searching on Fiverr for something you can truly use and the seller turns around and says ‘no’. Then you as a buyer you have to run around all of Fiverr searching yet again for what you need.

Naturally the sellers who offer SEO services help ‘improve’ Fiverr’s eco-system thereby the site becomes self-sustaining. So I am fighting an uphill battle and the seller I bought from hinted at that pretty much.

This site encourages a discount/tribalist mentality. The sellers already have their blogs/podcasts set up which is designed to strengthen a seller standing in the community. Nothing really about customer service or quality, it all seems more about having a confrontational attitude which really the sellers should not be any less immune to than buyers.

When I saw comments from sellers complaining about customers cancelling sales I cant help but think that sellers should be subject to the same caveats as buyers.

After this experience, to sellers I would say you get what you pay for just the same.

To buyers I would actually encourage you to avoid buying from top rated sellers and work with medium rated sellers, in my estimation doing so you:

A) Provide money to someone who is actually hungry to get the job done right.

B) Potentially have more control as a customer.

Granted you run the risk of getting poor service but is this sites unspoken motto pretty much ‘you get what you pay for’?

If you work with top rated sellers and you happen to be someone like me, that person who just happens to fall between the cracks in the system you will get kicked around. The seller will most likely lay the blame on you and you will have to do the footwork to get to your service which you already paid for.

I realize this post will be read by buyers and sellers and will very possibly put me in a bad light with top rated sellers thereby possibly excluding me from certain services. To be fair I actually had high hopes for what I can buy on Fiverr, there seems to be plenty of outstanding services that I genuinely desperately need. I even wanted to try my hand at selling a service here and I still might but I will clearly have to maintain the attitude that 'you get what you pay for.'

Really the main attraction to this site is that it is a flea market you rummage through find something you need make a note of it and go elsewhere to actually buy it. Yes, to Fiverr’s credit they have a collection of things you would be hard pressed to find in one place elsewhere. Nonetheless in my situation I maintain that I did not receive the service as promised and the seller is so arrogant that they tell me that 'technically the service I paid for was an hour of their time.'

But there is a certain level of arrogance that apparently comes with it which is truly unfair and unnecessary and the site is so friggin buggy that really this site has no right to operate and exchange money until they get their bugs fixed. Can you imagine if Amazon or Ebay worked like this? In the early days neither one of them had these levels of technical problems.

This early experience has left a very sour taste in my mouth, admittedly some of my reactions may have exacerbated the situation. But I still maintain that the technology problems should have been solved before they launched and I feel bad about picking on top rated sellers but the facts are they ‘get to the top’ and get fat dumb and happy.


First, I love your username.

Second, I’m sorry about your experience, it sucks and it shouldn’t matter how much your spending or what you want. You should not be treated as less for making requests or using a platform the way you see it.

Third, I agree that SOME top sellers have developed a sense of arrogance. For whatever reason, they feel like the buyers OWE them.

There are however, some AMAZING top sellers out there who are eager to contribute to the community and respectful to the buyer in all aspects.

I personally am not a top seller, but can tell you that the word ‘top’ would not mean I’ve reached the end of a chain. Everything is a gateway and should be treated as such.

Unfortunately some of the stuff in the Tips for Sellers category isn’t well worded thought out. This is kind of great though because it gives the community and opportunity to learn together.

The truth is, a lot of Fiverr sellers are very new to online business. So buyer engagement, web presence, and professional conduct can sometimes seem foreign to them.

I PROMISE you that there are FANTASTIC sellers on here and encourage you to keep using Fiverr.

As far as the entire experience, nothing is perfect. Fiverr is rapidly making adjustments on a daily basis to cater to both buyer and seller. There are some situations that are unpredictable, but Fiverr wouldn’t be receiving 30 million hits a month if they weren’t DARN good at what they do.

Thank you for addressing and allowing Fiverr to fix and prevent this error from occurring again.

I hope your future experiences are amazing and am just a message away if you’d like some suggestions or help on finding a seller that is going to fit your needs.


Yes, all well and good. But the seller is a top rated seller which leaves me to suspect that the tactics they used to get to that level involved a certain amount of dishonesty.

  1. There will be no compensation for my time wasted getting this resolved.
  2. The seller actually benefits from this because whats a mere 50 dollars to them even if they refund it to me.

The seller and everyone ‘learns from this experience’ and what I get in return are a bunch of problems to deal with. The seller can decided to be vindictive and adversely affect my site and considering that he is in contact with other high rated sellers here he can have them do the same against my site.

So I’m very happy for you that I am ‘helping you improve your site’ but I am in a critical situation made worse, and possibly at the mercy of this top rated seller.
Who at this point is, after several message exchanges is now telling me that they ‘cannot see my messages.’

Again, I am very happy about his ‘buyer exchange, web presence’ concept all of which I can certainly appreciate. But this should serve as a warning that having a ‘top rated seller’ label is not any indication of the integrity or character of the person.

Granted I am making a lot of assumptions about this person at this stage but as I mentioned and it should be abundantly clear I have a lot riding on this. I put a lot of trust in to this site and so far the results are on the verge of being catastrophic for me.

The seller has indicated to me that they are not able to see my messages because I am using ‘phrases that are blocked’.

I have already contacted customer support about this and again I am doing the footwork to get this fixed.

Thanks a lot Fiverr for wasting my day, I have already made my thoughts known to so-called customer service at Fiverr.

Again, glad I can help you people at Fiverr fix your buggy website and you were even kind enough to allow me to pay you 50 dollars for that as well.

For the record, I bought this service:

In my conversation with the seller they claim they are ‘technically’ not required to offer me any service and that I paid only for their time. The description clearly states otherwise.

Contacting Fiverr customer support results in them telling me to ‘wait two days’ to have this resolved.

I have asked seller politely a few times to release me from this agreement, no services were rendered.

Like I said, I have a lot riding on this because I already offered seller the site I wanted him to work on.

Seller clearly refuses to accept the fact that I do not want to do business with them leaving me to question their tactics of how they managed to gain such a ‘high rating’ on Fiverr.
Which by extension leaves me wondering what sort of checks and balances if any does Fiverr have to maintain their integrity.

Yes, I am taking a defensive position because honestly I do not know what other caveats the seller will use to justify their position and Fiverr Customer Support is only responsive to the degree that it suits their needs.

And just now I received an email from Fiverr warning me that ‘my interaction has been unprofessional.’

Hi smilofactor,

We received reports that your interaction with other users has been unprofessional.

We would like to remind you to keep Fiverr fun and clean. It’s important to be polite, use appropriate language, and respond to other Fiverr users with respect and in a timely manner.

Note: These warnings may affect your eligibility for Levels, other features, and your account status.

The Fiverr Team

With no source or link provided to back up Fiverr’s claims.