Fiverr Groups?


Hi Guys,

What about this for an idea? I have just had this thought from something I have just read which could help sellers massively. What about “fiverr groups” or “fiverr teams” for sellers? Basically what I mean is say for instance you find a good logo designer and banner designer and you are a web designer… You could all know eachother for real as friends and then all sign up for fiverr and create a “Team” where you can give a description, have levels and an overall rating depending on all sellers, maybe also a logo too? If you are independent, you could also form a team with other sellers to get work, but you would need to negotiate this by direct message. For each team there could be a boss and then a co boss with a maximum of 5 workers in total. Invite only or join requests would be a good idea and this would give many sellers more work here, think of logo and banner designers, they would have all of this work for groups…

Just a thought that crossed my mind.



Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t know about this already, but I believe with a good think through and tweaking this could help people from all around the world build business relationships.


This is a not a new idea, but I DO like how you think :wink: