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Fiverr guidelines for gig images are wrong?


I have followed the guidelines here:

It clearly says that all gig images should be 690 x 426px - which is what I have done for all my images. However, the wrong aspect ratio is displayed in the search results, as you can see on this screenshot here:

Is there another platform to officially raise bugs? Should I stick to the recommended aspect ratio in the meantime?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.


This is very helpful information.

Go to the Seller Help Center, scroll down to the Contact Us button and send a ticket to customer support, they’ll pass it on to the relevant team.

Even if you get the most fortunate ratio for desktop, it will look wrong in the app and vice versa, btw. I’ve taken to designing my gig images with enough “white space” all around to mitigate the issue.


Good information miiila. Can you share what size you create your images to be best for both desktop and app?

Op from what I can tell your screenshot of your image looks perfect.

I’m using 550×370 and I create my images in a way that leaves enough white space/nonessential elements on both sides, top and bottom.
Basically, I keep an inner “printable” frame in mind, like when you have a shirt printed, the print can’t go right to the edges.
I don’t know how big that “frame” is, I made myself a template in Photoshop and uploaded the image, looked at it both on desktop and phone, repeated until it looked fine in both and use that as a template.

I often see gigs or even profile images that have important elements like text cut off, no good look. You can’t completely avoid images being stretched or cut off if the sizes on desktop and phone vary but by making yourself a template through trial and error, you can avoid or reduce issues.

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I found the same - I have to include a white frame right around my videos in order to stop the text getting chopped off. You can see here:

I’m now going through an occasional bug where not all my gig videos show on my profile.

Thank you - I will reach out with an official ticket.