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Fiverr Guru's Please Help me its Urgent i am too much upset Crying right now :'(

Mistakenly i withdraw Funds into Paypal account…my Paypal account my limited for some reason so i was unable to get money form paypal…so i refund money to fiverr account my amount was $424…successfully payment refunded but i did not get into my fiverr account where my payment goes i am upset and i cry…i work hard :’( i have contacted fiverr support but no reply yet

Oh! Sorry to hear that. Can you log into your PayPal ?
if yes, what you see? when you select the payment from fiverr ?

I think you have to wait a few hours or days before it’s credited back on your Fiverr account

Only Customer Support can help you. They will reply just have patience.

OK calm down, and take a deep breath here! It might take a couple of hours or days to show up in your account. Contact customer support for assistance. Your worries might be for nothing, I am sure you will get this sorted out in no time.

annai 2 days passed i did not receive yet :’(

You need to give it a couple of days. I as a level 2 seller have to wait 4 days sometime for a response. When you say Paypal limited your account what do you exactly mean? For me I have a monthly limit I can withdraw on Paypal, if I want to withdraw more money I would need to change the setting on Paypal in order to be able to do so. I am sure your hard earned money is not lost, you just have to be patient. You can always contact Paypal as well and see if they can give you an answer ;).

Paypal is very unstable and problematic when you are outside US or EU.
They use these limitations all the time stealing money from people (you see the money on your account, but you cannot use them like forever).
Don’t use it, use payoneer option instead. And don’t do anything in a rush.
If you refund to fiverr you don’t get money on your account, it’s not that simple.
I did it once with a small amount to check, as it was expected I didn’t receive anything…
Only CS may help you in this situatioin, if they will

I receive this email

Hi there,

Withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. We will not be able to refund or change this process once it has begun. Please visit for more information.

And paypal Terms & condition’s are

An unclaimed payment is a payment that your recipient hasn’t accepted yet. There are a few reasons why your payment might be unclaimed.
A payment might be unclaimed because:
The recipient hasn’t signed up for a PayPal account yet.
You sent money to an email address that the recipient hasn’t added to their PayPal account. As soon as they add the address to their account, the money will show up in their balance.
The recipient is still deciding whether they want to accept your payment. (This can happen if you don’t have a Confirmed address.)
To find out why your payment is unclaimed, contact the person you sent money to. After 30 days, an unclaimed payment is automatically canceled and the money is returned to you.

Reply to @ruslancer:
I should probably clarify something here – for everyone reading this… PayPal is NOT in the business of stealing money from users. They do not steal funds that belong to their users. That would be bad business, illegal, and it would put them out of business.

Respectfully, this is ruslancer’s opinion, not fact. PayPal is, indeed, a stable way to transfer funds, no matter where you are in the world.

Reply to @jonbaas: Yes, it is my opinion… not just mine truely speaking, it comes from experience. I took my share of troubles from paypal service and don’t use it anymore. In the US I’m sure it will work great… they do limit accounts without any reason blocking funds and it is a very frustrating thing.
I’m just saying that if paypal doesn’t work well in your region (and it doesn’t work well or doesn’t work at all in some regions), don’t risk your money using it.

Reply to @saimazia: Contact a paypal representative via phone if you have the option and see if there is anything they can do for you.
Reply to @ruslancer:
Paypal has these limitation for safety reasons only! I personally like the limit because it protects my account, just in case of a hack someone won’t be able to steal all of my money. However, you as a Paypal user have the option to increase the withdrawal amount. All you need to do is to complete some extra steps which help proof your identity.

Reply to @annai80: you are talking about different kind of limitation, trust me a lot of people lost they money due to this paypal policy (when your account is getting limited, you cannot do anything at all with your account and the money). Everybody is happy with paypal until such stuff happens. But no problem, it’s just my experience and my decision to use something else :), let’s see how they will resolve this problem … my guess, they won’t