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Fiverr hacking! be aware


I have been using fiverr for 4 years now and spent over $20,000 on this site so listen up…

I woke up yesterday morning to a charge of $1,600 from my account. Im a little in disbelief because this person is selling gigs $5 at a time and the max you can purchase from this seller is 15 gig for $75 in one order. My account says I placed 320 order on “ONE” order for $1,600.

Here is a link to the gig that was placed. I would like for y’all to see the bullshit that is going on. It is not possible to order that big of a gig from this seller.*****

Another weird thing. I deactivated all my payment info from my fiverr account and went to my bank. They said that based on all my transaction from fiverr over the years, the $1,600 fee is being requested from another business account. On normal bank statement fiverr use “” on their statements. This time around it says “Fiverrcom”

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Yikes… so what you’re saying is you bought 1 quantity of the gig and it somehow charged you for 320 of them?


Not nice to wake up to really. I suppose you already sent a ticket to Customer Support, wanted to leave you a link though just in case, the page is timing out for me for some reason though atm, while everything else is loading normally. Hope it gets sorted out quickly. :confused:


I did not buy anything. I don’t even own bit coins or understand that world.


I hope it gets ironed out too. I went to my bank and stopped the transaction which is good. Im all taken care of in regards that. However im a little worried about if fiverr take security seriously because that is definitely a HUGE glitch



I believe there must be solution…as water has not crossed the head yet… How did he hack your account? did you get any clue?


Seems so. They have started to add phone verification recently for new accounts and gigs, probably trying to improve security.


Here is a picture of the gig

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$1,600 is a lot of money to screw around with. I even got an email this morning stating that they could not process my payment info for an SEO gig that was placed this morning. I never placed that either. I have no idea how much was trying to be charged.


If you look at the images I posted you will see that placing a $1,600 gig is virtually impossible


Here is a screenshot from ANOTHER email I just received from fiver 1 minute ago. I never placed this order either.

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I hope someone from fiverr chimes in ASAP and don’t feed me some bullshit like, i let someone get into my account. I have been buying gigs on here for 4 years now. I know how this works


They sent me 3 emails about that SEO gig saying that they cant process. No shit. I told my bank to stop anything with FIVERR name on it


Yes, really weird, there are posts by sellers who got hacked and their money transferred to some other paypal or such sometimes, but never saw something like this yet. I still can´t get to the Customer Support page btw, can you?
Yeah, very good idea, that.

You could flag your own post and choose ‘other’ and thus get a moderator’s attention to it, if you want, maybe they have a more direct wire to fiverr to alarm them.


Yikes! This is cray-cray. I hope T&S get to the bottom of this ASAP!


Woah!! sorry about this! I am sure it will get resolved! Good luck and keep us posted!!


I can see the sellers page on my end. There even was a random message sent to the seller saying “Hi”. Weird weird weird.

What im really concerned about is why fiverr used another bank account all of a sudden for that $1,600 transaction


I sent a message to the 3 forum moderators with a link to this thread, if or as soon as one of them is on, I guess they´ll read this, maybe they can nudge fiverr.


GOOD STORY! :thumbsup:

##Wonder how I was able to add 320 of them… hmm… :thinking:


This is really most strange. Can’t you get CS to shut down your account completely or something until this is sorted out?


Please try if you get to CS page, I can´t.