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Fiverr Hammer On LinkedIn Gig

I never expected to even discuss this matter on this forum but Fiverr initiated the process so I feel obligated to reply. I have been with Fiverr for almost an year and currently hold a level 2 seller status. One of my very first gig was helping buyers connect with their target audience on LinkedIn. Over the months, LinkedIn has been constantly updating their internal search strings and I have been modifying my gigs accordingly. Till date, I have received 2 negative reviews for 200+ orders. One for LinkedIn and the other for late delivery. The gig did not require accessing client’s LinkedIn personal profiles.

I can confirm with social proof that when it comes to connecting with targeted LinkedIn professionals, my gig stood out and this was apparent from client feedbacks. Today, this gig was removed from my account with the following feedback " Your gig was removed following a third-party complaint!"

To Fiverr: I see similar LinkedIn connection gigs floating on Fiverr, some pro while others who have barely started which infringes with their intellectual rights and terms of use! Are they going to suffer the same fate as mine? If not, what made you close my gig as I clearly stated what the buyer gets after ordering the gig? Don’t you ever go through client’s feedback before launching your “Hammer”!

To LinkedIn: Your system has a loophole which allows anyone from any country to connect with their target audience. Instead of complaining about my gig, had you paid a little more attention to your website coding, sellers like me would not have exploited your drawbacks. I am glad you operate in 200 countries which has opened up 200 more earning possibilities for me.

Conclusion: With or without Fiverr, I will continue selling my expertise on LinkedIn connections. There are 20 similar sites like Fiverr plus digital platforms that allow me to sell these services. For some reasons, Fiverr’s hammer was a blessing in disguise for me so I will use it to it’s full potential.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! Let’s get back to work, we have orders to finish!

Probably the only reason other gigs similar to yours has not be deleted by fiverr yet is that they have not been reported. Obviously if they are not getting any buyers than there is no interaction with LinkedIn and hence they are not reported. But once LinkedIn catches them, the same fate will happen to them as it did to you.

Steveeyes, point noted. I think every seller who offers LinkedIn gigs have some level of expertise and they have the rights to sell it through a medium like Fiverr. Just because LinkedIn reported my gig, doesn’t mean I want the same fate for other sellers.

i think its happening to all social media gigs now, i guess fiverr should just come out and tell us that they don’t want any social media related gigs and they should just cancel the online marketing/social marketing category and save sellers the stress of creating gigs that will 'infringe on intellectual property and tos.