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Fiverr has a new "Bank Transfer"

This is great! But I need some feedbacks for this, specially from Philippines community here in fiverr

God bless to all

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Yes, I would also like to know about it more.

I need to register on payoneer (the link redirect me there) then $3 for the bank transfer

Hey I’m from Philippines and I don’t think it’s a good idea to use that mode for the time being. haha… The Payoneer card has loads of extra fees and gahh it’s a hassle. (And I think the Bank transfer which is still facilitated by PAYONEER will be just be the same hassle… I read some part of the forum that it takes 3-5 days? Idk, not really sure)… For now, I think using Paypal --> Bank be the best mode for now…

Unless there is someone out there from the Philippines or someone from Payoneer who can shed some light on the matter. :smiley: hehehe

Hi, Thanks for the feedback ma’am… I was think about the Bank transfer is much faster that paypal --> Bank. Sad to hear that it takes 3 to 5 days. :frowning: I think Paypal --> Bank is the best for now. God Bless

I’m agree with you yatz07. For now using PayPal -> Local Bank is the best option for me who live in Indonesia.

My First payout to bank was 32 usd where 20 usd was minimum payout via payoneer. I earned 20 usd again but it is not yet cleared but when I check bank transfer, the minimum payout is 50 usd now. Even after taking 20% commission, fiverr earning the interest by holding their account by increasing the payout? This is disappointing me. Even after earning the money, Fiverr increased minimum payout.

Reply to @kjblynx: I pointing the 3 to 5 days (for the new bank transfer of fiverr)… Paypal to Local bank takes 1 or 2 days. it also charges me about $3 for the transfer from fiverr -> Paypal -> Local bank, it’s the same as the fiverr bank transfer but tru paypal is more faster.

Reply to @mrdedy: yes, maybe paypal to local bank really work for an asian country.

Has anyone from Philippines already tried doing a bank transfer? Anyone ? :confused:

I just want to know your experiences for payoneer in 2018 especially in the Philippine setting.

Please share your experience so it will be beneficial for others

I’m still on Paypal to Local bank