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Fiverr has a new 'notifcation' that you can't switch off and it is really annoying

I have switched off all notifications to my email. Was getting too many. Today, they implemented a new one which you can’t turn off.

Now. You get an email notification (constant ones) if you do not read the requirements of a gig within about 12 hours. It isn’t that big of a deal, but what is the point?

Sure. Spend money on this rather than dealing with scammers.

I hate this notification. i turned off phone notifications and the like because it was giving me severe anxiety. Now being told I am not reading orders quickly enough? Whatever.


I thought I saw that I now get 3 notifications when someone buys a gig (one for needing to get it done in 24 hours, all my gigs are 24 hour ones, like I don’t know that.)

I really just need one notification, not three.

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