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Fiverr has a terrible technical error now

Dear friends, One of my buyer gave me order six hours ago. It’s a Logo design order. I thought the buyer hasn’t provided the information. I contacted the buyer. He told me that he have already provided me the information. He sent me few screen shots to prove it. I checked my mailbox and the order again. There wasn’t any information. I can’t design it without downloading his png file. As I think he needs it quickly. If I late, he may give me under 5-star rating. I want to see my order details.

As I think a lot of sellers don’t agree with new Dashboard. As I think this error has begun with that update.

Reply to @frenchshark: oh, consider that you could have to wait up to 48h sometimes to receive an answer…

Reply to @mark74:

Yes, I opened one, one hour ago. No response yet.

Did you open a ticket with Customer Support?

Unfortunately noone can help you here, as we are regular users just like you.

Have you asked the buyer to send you the information again? Perhaps to upload it somewhere else, like DropBox, and send you the link?

Reply to @catwriter: This^^^^

Like what @catwriter said, I’ve had that happen before. I asked my buyer to send the information again when I didn’t get it and it got through.

yea that happened to me one time, the messages came in about 2 hours later. Now I have a UNREAD message notification that will not leave my TODO list. forever a blue dot on my notifications now. it sucks :((

Same thing happened with me few days back, buyer paid like 4 times and submitted the information but the order was not visible in my to-do list. At end buyer paid again and the order started, don’t know if he got his previous paid money back or not.

You can also ask him to send it via the inbox as an attachment as long as its under XX megabytes… (45/50mb maybe?)

To stop the timer , cancel the order and explain to them that you don’t see the attachment to get started on the work and that your “cancellation” is only to “Pause” the timer. Show screenshots of your orders screen to prove to them (and possibly customer service later) that you indeed don’t have the file to begin the work.

That’s what I’d do … late orders or bad ratings hurt you more than anything so hit the cancel button and as long as it doesnt go 3 days and auto cancel , you’re gig won’t take a cancellation ratio hit. (Thats news to me … did you guys know that your gig will take a hit if you cancel an order and the buyer doesnt accept the cancellation? They just let it cancel?) – yea that needs to be fixed. The info came straight from customer service.

Thats what I do when people send me a 500 word script they expect to be done for $5. I cancel it … but if they dont accept the cancellation or my offer for the correct funds required… Our gigs will take a hit from it .

Again , sellers get the shaft here. As usual.