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Fiverr has an Algorithm which Supports every Seller to have chances of good sales

Fiverr is the single Freelancing Platform which supports new sellers. I had tried in other platforms but there 99% experienced and old sellers are successful.
Here in new sellers start selling very easily because Fiverr ranks up the GIGs with good SEO status.
I did SEO of my gig and ranked my gig., and started sales in a few days. Now I do SEO of gigs and earn money.


How to do SEO if you say in a little detail because I could not rank my gigs so I can not sell. It would have been better for me to say that.

it’s a scam, don’t fall for it.


Search for Seed keyword matching your gig.
Use that Seed Keyword in your Title, SEO title, Search tags & Description properly.
It will be very much useful if you use that keyword 2 time in description.
add supporting keywords to description and properly arrange it. This is it.