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Fiverr has bad days?

For a long time (about a year) I have noticed how all my gigs have gone from having 4k views to having less than 100 views.

With that said, my main question comes as follows?

Fiverr having a bad time? Are you having few visits?
Should prices be lowered? should they be increased? Do we really import those people who have been on the platform for more than 5 years?

These questions I took the time to write to support (at some point I had my successful advisor, when I was a top reseller) and I dared to ask these questions that I mentioned earlier.

What was my surprise that the answer was totally out of shape (it seems that a BOT would have answered it) attach screen for better understanding:

I have been TRS, almost full 100k in sales, and still my gigs are currently dead (almost 2 months with sales at 0)

I have asked close people who I have invited to the community to join me for work and they also tell me that their views and services are totally low in view and sales.

Does anyone know what is going on?

If anyone knows share it!



I didn’t know, thanks for reporting it, but then what great business is it to promote our services outside of fiverr by targeting the platform, instead of promoting ourselves as a personal brand?

What actions did you take in this specific case?

Well it’s great business for them, because you bring Fiverr more traffic…

Ever since this Paid Ads program was created, I’ve been removed from search every few months or weeks. It’s to the point where I get 4-10 clicks per day on my gig, and those come mostly from repeat customers. I only have repeat orders, I didn’t receive any new message (aside from randoms trying to get work from me), so the situation is dire on my side. I am very disappointed and rather upset this happened, but at the end of the day, we can’t really do anything. I am waiting to get back in search… I understand pushing me from the first page to allow others the exposure, but removing me from search (all my gigs, not just one)… it’s rather extreme and I don’t know why.

I do know that going to CS won’t help me either, since they don’t have answers related to ranking and the algorithm.

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Very according to your annoyance, in fact, this situation for us is usually seen as a desolation, since there is no new message, the promoted gigs do not work at all, there are alternatives, yes? as which could ask, other platforms among others.

But what happens with all the work and the trajectory and the profits that we have generated for Fiverr in so many years, I think that for it to be free competition, new users should try harder as we did at the beginning.

Anyway at the end of the day we do not know what is happening …
Not even the CS gives a correct answer on the subject.

I agree

When I was new to the platform, the Best Selling part was only full of gigs with thousands of reviews. Right now the people with thousands of reviews on their gigs are pushed behind, and you also feel discouraged when your gig has 8000+ reviews, yet they just show 1k+ on it. So a person with 1001 reviews and me with 8300+ reviews are the same in a buyer’s eyes, unless they click to see reviews. That’s just sad to be honest.

As I said, I’ve been removed for more than a month from search now, and I don’t have any idea what I did wrong. There’s no reason behind that, nor any explanation. Anyway, this is a good place for venting I guess.


What I see from my side (I am on Fiverr since 2014), the Fiverr Support is pretty poor. I am waiting more than 30 days for them to solve the withdrawal issue (I can’t withdraw my earnings for more than a month), and still nothing.
Moreover, a two days back, I just got a message: “for security reasons reset your password”. I can’t log in anymore, I can’t reset my password (they have a huge bug), while my buyers waiting (undelivered orders, unanswered messages)… You can imagine how this will ruin my current rating. Fiverr support doesn’t react!


Perhaps the reason is that the business model changed?

What I still can’t understand is why sellers like us (I was a top reseller until due to country problems * Venezuela * I lost it and there is still no reason for them to return it to me apparently)
They force us to have 0 eraning in months, when we have generated a lot of money for the platform.

Maybe it’s time for a formal answer, although I doubt it, the complaints for the CS do not care or at least its too poor.

Really a disaster, I don’t want to imagine later losing your seller status due to a system problem that escapes from your hands, at least on your side you have sales, on our side not even a message, a new order … beyond repeat customers who keep coming to us for “good service”.


Ok, it looks like I’m not the only one who disappeared completely from the search. I understand that your frustration is even greater then mine since you are older on the platform. My problem is that if I do not appear in the search for my category at all, how can I rebuild, ok they consider that others must have chances, I am ok with this pass me on page 5-10 but if I disappear completely… I will be added again in one month or two?.

Have better track on why dissapear of the search lists, happends to him too

I think that’s the problem with the lack of orders at least for me. It’s simple type resume / cv in search box lets you go to from 1 to page 22, when you turn on page 23 it gives you some error. 2 weeks ago I was on the front page now I don’t appear at all on any of the 22 pages, so how could I receive more orders? :))

@jennamatthews12 i remember my young years here,

4k views in a month from now just 100 or less , looks like a kind of troll .

Anyway you have reason who (as buyer) go to page 22 to look and buy a gig, not looks rasonable

Yes, it is clear, I tried to look to see where I appear and the surprise I do not appear at all. :)) Moreover I’m not sure that they intended to take us out of everything, it doesn’t make sense. It could be an error that they still don’t realize or to which they don’t have an answer at the moment.

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I believe they want to push up the “Promoted Gigs” feature. In the other words, if you want to be on a first page, pay for it.


Although that feature is worth it for people that have high price points. I have access to that and I have to pay $0.40 per click for my main gig. Considering it takes at least 10 clicks or 20 to earn a sale, at the $5 price point I provide, that means basically working for free.

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Well, to be honest I went quite well with the feature. But I still don’t like it, ( I invested 16 dollars and got 200 dollars in sales so it actually went quite well) but as you said, for some reason I sometimes am not appearing in search. I am relying on returning customers and on this feature to get sales right now…

i was using that from the beggining of the release of this feature and still didnt works…

You are clearly a far more experienced seller than me… and I thought I was doing well with a few hundred orders over the years!

I have also noticed a very significant fall in orders since the late summer - say over the past two or three months. I can go a week or 10 days without an order being placed at the moment, where as earlier this year I would easily get one / two / three orders a day. And the few orders I am receiving are mostly from repeat clients.

The thing is, despite a lot of the nonsense that is talked about on this forum, I realise there is actually very little I can do to influence where my gigs appear.

I have never treated Fiverr as a full-time income. To me it is a useful second income that pays for a few treats. So I am happy to ride the highs and lows of life on Fiverr.

However, I do recognise that some people put all their eggs in one basket as a freelancer, which is never a wise plan. I have commented numerous times in the forums that while Fiverr is 100% my preferred freelancing platform, there is way too much that is out of our control as sellers - and as such, only a fool relies solely on Fiverr.

For all of us, I hope this situation improves soon.


Yes it’s a very disgusting situation .

I know that we never put all the eggs in a basket but if you take on mind this:

4 years of full sells ( something like $100k) bring a momentary calm.

Now I know that was a mistake .

Right now I’m pointing on publicity as personal branding . Showing and offering me as a service option instead a platafform

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