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Fiverr has baned me from using my account

can anyone help me out on how to get back my account that has be banned on fiverr, they ask me to verify my account meanwhile i did so, but in a minute they sent me a message that am not longer a member. pls i need your help ooo. even self i still have money pending. pls anybody can help???

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Hello @mukkygold

It’s very sad to know you’re banned but how you can write this post when you’re banned from Fiverr.

Why did you get banned?

No one can help you on this forum for this. Please communicate with CS. Making another account in Fiverr once you’re banned is also a violation of ToS.

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please advice me on what should i do now???

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The answer is already there


ok thank you all !!!

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please should i have hope on getting it back???

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it all depends on the reason you were banned

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I remember seeing your other post and I left a comment,
and I believe the reason for banning might be because of your gig images.
Be sure to use your own original creation, and not just tweaking something you
found online…


Is telling me that my ID is not valid.