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Fiverr has become a joke!

I’ve advertised for someone to write articles, and haven’t found ONE qualified respondent! I rejected one writers work, because it read like it was written by a third world immigrant just learning English. I found ads for proof readers that have typos in their ads! They can’t even proofread their own description! LOL! I asw one ad that said something like, “I will learn you how to write best selling books”. LOL! Yeah, that’ll learn you alright! Why doesn’t Fiverr do some damn policing of these people??? They should be striving for QUALITY sellers, not simply allowing everyone to put up a shingle. Are there any alternative to Fiverr out there?


I don’t think Fiverrs’ Forum is the space to ask for alternatives to

I completely understand your frustration but given that it’s free to setup an account on Fiverr, I’d assume there would be excellent writers and those who can’t properly write. Using the search option, try searching for relevant writers and either request some previous work or try communicate with them to see how they respond.

Best of luck!


Maybe hire a good writer? Just talk to the seller before making an order! I’ve had over 800 more than satisfied clients. Fiverr has great talent it’s just the damn Algorithm messing things up for everyone.


Yeah, the Buyer Request/Request Quotes section is not the place to go I have found.
I have however, after doing a little research, hired a multitude of writers on Fiverr and had fantastic work delivered.
What I found was that when I learned to forget the name of the site and increase my budget the real quality begins.

PS. For Fiverr to do some policing of sellers, they would likely need to charge more and then the sellers would have to charge more and so the buyers would have to charge more. It’s a vicious cycle. However, spend 20-30 minutes looking through seller profiles and you will find excellent sellers and then be able to enjoy some of the lowest prices in the market.



I’ve worked with quality professionals because I paid the price for it. Completed 3 jobs and paid $300.


Test orders can be very helpful. I have certain sellers that I work with repeatedly. I recently found a new one that interested me, so I placed a very small order to see how the work was. It wasn’t up to par for my needs and the seller was unable to improve on it, but they had made an attempt. They got paid a very small fee for their time trying and I now know I don’t want to use that seller again. Using that process I do have to spend a little money on services that don’t give me a benefit, but it has ended up very well for me.

The few dollars I’ve spent on gigs I didn’t need is nothing compared to the amount I have saved getting amazing service from the group of sellers that I now buy from again and again. The ones I work with now do usually cost more than $5-20 but I get services that would cost me hundreds elsewhere. Good luck, and please try to watch the language on the forum. It’s mostly adults but Fiverr is open to age 13 and up.


…I wish we had more buyers like you.


Do some vetting of your sellers before making large orders. Make small test orders like @fonthaunt suggested, and read their description carefully. I also like to communicate with a seller before making an order, as this will help me get a better understanding of their skills.

If you’re looking for a specific set of skills in a seller, look for industry specific terms, their grammar, and their personality. A great writer will not have a bad description with typos.

Fiverr is a place for anyone who wants to sell their services - be it low-quality or high-quality. Properly vetting your buyers before making any large orders will ensure that you receive good quality work.

Also, I find searching for gigs on my own a lot more effective if I want to pick the right seller, rather than using the Request Quotes. I agree with @eoinfinnegan on this for sure.

Also, don’t expect high-quality work done for 5 bucks. I have placed plenty of writing orders on Fiverr, and most of the time, I’m happy with the work. If I’m not, I’ll simply move on.

PS. I don’t think the Fiverr forum is the right arena for you to ask for alternatives to Fiverr.


It can be discouraging to look at gig after gig and just feel, well, nothing. But don’t get discouraged. When you find it, you’ll know, and all of the profile hunting will have been totally worth it.:relaxed:

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As a seller and buyer I avoid the BR section like the devil avoids the holy water. ‘It burns’ :imp:


I’ve submitted a few buyer request ads in the past – just to see what kind of responses I would recieve for projects that was working on, and I can honestly say, most of those sellers trying to convince me that I should hire them were utter and complete crap.

I’ve even seen some sellers respond to my requests who have only 1-2 reviews, and try to convince me to hire them by saying, “I’m the #1 seller on Fiverr… hire me!”. Really? With only 1-2 total reviews? I’m usually thinking (after I shake my head a roll my eyes), “Two reviews does not make you a top-level seller, buddy. Fix your English, and try again… Next.”

As sad as it is to say, there are, indeed, a lot of clueless sellers responding to BRs. I’ve seen it.

My advice: If you want to be in business, act like a businessman… not a seller desperate for sales. I skipped (and deleted) the responses from sellers like these. I’m sure most other buyers do too.


Haha. It’s true the BR section is like a bidding war. Everyone is entitled to sell themselves out. Again you’re most more likely to find new and inexperienced sellers on the BR section because majority are lookng for their first sales. Best Fiverr sellers don’t use BR to generate sales (me included) because we get enough orders from repeat clients who tested us once and never looked back.
If you want to find the best sellers here on Fiverr use the Gig Search and browse through sellers with highest number of reviews, select a few and contact each one of them. You’ll never go wrong.

Happy buying!


I don’t understand why people expect Fiverr to operate in a different way to the rest of the world. In the world outside of Fiverr (yes, one does exist) there are people who are great at what they do and people who aren’t very good at all. How do we sort the good from the bad?

  • Referrals
  • Recommendations
  • Asking to see previous work
  • Looking at reviews

Do the same with your Fiverr sellers and you won’t go far wrong. Business is business whether you buy from the man down the street or the woman online. Fiverr doesn’t offer some magic solution that has evaded the rest of the world.


I have been here since 2014 and I also feel that there should be something to filter out “fake” people. This problem has existed then, and it’s just going to get worse.

I’m not saying that I am 100% perfect at what I do, but when I see people offer to translate or proofread 50.000 words for $5 in 24h from any language to any language… it makes me mad… very mad… Like really? Are you God?

I also stopped browsing through the buyers request long time ago as all you see are people praising and trying to sell their own Gigs. You rarely see an actual request anymore.

If you pay the price, you can/will get someone who can do fantastic work. However, most buyers aren’t willing to pay and start arguing how others on this page are faster and charge less!

I once actually submitted a few translation orders just to see other people’s work. The results were terrible and my 5-year-old could probably do better…

A while back I suggested to Fiverr that they could introduce something like proficiency tests for sellers to prove themselves. Unfortunately, I never got a message back…


#We can do NOTHING at all!

Yes, you can sit back and do nothing. But that’s not going to make you successful.


First understand your power & rights. Then talk accordingly. How you can make changes to fiverr yourself when you are just a seller nor a member of their official staff?

LOL just saw this guy’s buyer request and it’s entirely his fault XD
"When you ask people for two 1000 word articles for $5 what do you think is gonna happen?


I suspected that this would be a case of extraordinary cheapskate meets extraordinary ‘here’s what your budget can pay for, Mr.’

LOL, Can I share the full request here? It’s literally wrong in every way XD