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Fiverr has become the better place for cheaters than true sellers


Today is very disappointing day for me. Because when i had started my fiverr account as a seller , i was full of dreams. But now i am realizing that Fiverr has become a better place for cheaters than true sellers. I know i should contact to fiverr first but because this is not the first time and i know there is no benifit from contacting fiverr. I want to explain it in detail how it is happening and how fiverr is doing and helping cheating with sellers.

Although Fiverr has clearly mentioned in his policy that if a seller delivers to buyer then buyer can not ask for refund. Seller just can rate the seller whether it is good or bad.

Now a days so called buyers come on fiverr and hire sellers service. Then they just tell that they are not satisfied and just want refund. Fiverr will never ask seller for his point of view. They just grab the seller’s money and you will be messaged that order has been cancled.

This is a kind of robbery. I don’t know who is doing this fiverr or so called buyers.

This is done specially with big amount orders.
It is very unfair with sellers. I know this is happening with other sellers as well.
I request sellers to raise this issue with fiverr.


There’s no benefit, and yet you want sellers to do it?

The way you describe it, it looks like your buyers are initiating PayPal chargebacks.


No, there is no role of paypal. It happned many times when some big amount orders has been deliberately applied for refund by buyers without any big issue in my delivery. Whereas i was ready to short out all issue. But they always focus on refund.

My complain is with fiverr is that they never asked to seller i e me to put my view before cancleing the order. Which is making fiverr role also suspicious.


I think you are confusing Paypal chargebacks with fiverr cancelling orders.

When you get a Paypal chargeback it does not say Paypal chargeback.
You just get a message that the order was refunded.

This is where the confusion lies. It is not fiverr making a refund, although it might seem that way if you don’t realize what is going on.

Whenever there is a Paypal chargeback you will get an email telling you to stop work on the order because the money was refunded to the buyer. That is all it says, nothing about Paypal is in the message.


Sometimes it’s not a chargeback. I had one a couple of months ago for $100 or something (I can’t remember now) so I sent a polite, but slightly harrumphing email to CS about all the usual points.

I got a response that I was OK as the money hadn’t been taken (this was true) but due to privacy… I left it at that. IDK what happened, but it worked out for me.

So IDK. Whatever. Out of 2700 orders (inc. those not reviewed), this is the only chargeback/weird thing I’ve had. Even people who I’ve had epic battles with regarding the apparent crappiness of my housewifely writing style have not done it.

The solution may be as simple as looking into what you’re doing wrong that is making buyers so dissatisfied that they are doing this. If you are convinced you are not the issue and the buyers are (Fiverr’s not so relevant here), then perhaps its time to do some internet sleuthing to see if you’re mentioned on some shady forum as an easy seller, or whatever the terms are.

Seriously though, how many times has this happened to you in how many months/years? I’m talking once since 2013. I can’t speak for anyone else–but I know of chargebacks for $600 and even $1000+ (over multiple gigs) that were disputed and won, meaning the seller got their money back.

Your case is anecdotal, as are mine–but this fruitless whine won’t get you anywhere.


I’m relatively new to selling on Fiverr, but and I cross my fingers as I type this I’ve never had a chargeback, and I’m at 150+ orders.


How could you tell it was not a Paypal chargeback? I assumed it was always a Paypal chargeback or they would send a different message. You can tell it’s due to a chargeback because the buyer’s account is always gone.


I got the standard chargeback email, complained, got this back:

Hi Emma,
Thank you for contacting us and thank you for your feedback. It’s appreciated and completely understandable.
The message you received is an automated notification. After further review of the order, I see that the funds were not taken from you. So, you’re safe.
We will take it further with the buyer regarding the action they took outside off of Fiverr.
Let us know if there is anything else you need our assistance with

Please note that this gives me no info and is useless too, but indeed, nothing was removed from my account. I must have misremembered the privacy stuff. Anyway, I didn’t push it any further as I suddenly stopped caring with the “so, you’re safe”

Make of that what ye will, though.


How strange. If the buyer’s account was gone it sounds like it was a chargeback but who knows.

One time someone asked CS for a refund and they told the buyer to contact me and ask me. I had just that day delivered the order.


I just checked and the buyer isn’t active anymore. Pretty sure they “disappeared” around the time this all happened too, but I can’t honestly remember now.

I note that his crApp is still failing.


On the reviews stars? Nice.


Often when I have a problem buyer they tell me to continue working with them, so I do. Can’t be sure, but they may be the other side of a prong/pincer to squeeze the pimple.

Yes, bad buyers, I just did call you a pimple. A zit. A pus-sy infestation which nobody wants.


Not even off the ground yet. It’s an old idea, “reinvented”.

Reminds me of yet another bad buyer (I just refunded this guy as his BS was too much) who had a list app. He was angry because my app description sounded like every other list app there. I refunded him, THEN told him it was because his shitty list app was a clone of them all and WTF did he expect? Without the swearing, and a bit more diplomatic. This guy was the same.

I’m pretty sure that Fiverr does have a team for this, but how it works is mysterious. What I do know is slagging it off in posts like this cuts your chances of success to 0%. Congrats, OP.


Plus, I just got a book blurb 5-star from someone who didn’t even have a book. Sent me the (obnoxious) brief for whoever was meant to write the novella. I wrote to them and said “hey, this is a blub gig, I need a synopsis, not a loose idea and a name generator” Oh, that’s OK, they said, giving me some shit names and nothing else… Reseller, most likely. 5 stars, after I ripped into them. Hell, look at my blurb gig, I ripped into them again.


My cancellation rate has gone from 95-94-95 this weekend. Joy! Screw all of this.


I have this 20,000 word order to be done over the next 3 days. Happy for the work, but trouble getting started. Reading the posts on the forum when I should be working. Anyway, see you lot later.


cracks whip

Not an excuse, get to work. Nobody else is impressed or concerned about your inability to work due to thrillers on the forum. Tsk.

Besides, this should be an easy task for an expert to do as they say…


I got another wall of words with over a dozen “I want” this and that in it. For $5.


I am new here so I don’t know how that works but I can give a recommendation Fiverr could do what ebay or etsy does and that is take it from both view points to come to a conclusion that is mutual and from a third party on weather the buyer should get a refund or not. Though it sounds like it’s more of a paypal issue then a fiverr one.


Totally get your point, @nicepromo. But here’s the deal: that’s why you always have to protect your work. For example: if we talk about web development, which is what I am doing on Fiverr, you can make sure that you never work on the client’s server/hosting so that you can always have control on the files. Then, at the end of the work, after he is completing it, you can simply send him the files.

If you do graphics or stuff like this, I bet there are services that you can share the graphic with the client, so he can see it, but he can’t download it. Unless he is good at inspecting html elements on a page and has the ability to take the image link from the code source of the page.

Hope this idea helps and I’m sorry for your bad experience.


Please stop sharing the link to your profile all over the forum, it’s spam.