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Fiverr has blacklisted my profile for some reason and is not showing any of my gigs in the search

So, I have 5 gigs, and two of them were like the most selling gigs for me.
One of my buyers demanded a refund after the order was marked completed and he had to contact Fiverr after he talked with me. Then Fiverr cancelled the whole order and then I sent the buyer a new custom order for the price that he thought was fair.
But in the process, Fiverr noticed that I had asked the buyer for a review in the conversations, and Fiverr gave me a warning saying that it was a violation of their TOS and I can’t do such things again.
Till then, I was understanding everything and I did not mind getting that warning that much.
But after that, I noticed that my gigs impressions were dropping drastically and after seeing everything and doing some thorough research, I found out that Fiverr is in fact not showing any of my gigs in the search.
Now, I am gonna have to stop you answering with the same BS that is just, rank doesn’t matter/ get a review/ complete an order/it is your regular condition of gigs/your services aren’t valid
That is all just BS because none of that is true, all of my gigs had a good ranking, and just to be sure I typed my exact unique title and still, my gig won’t show up, none of them do
And, I have also made sure that all my gigs are “Active” by using the help and support tools,
But why is Fiverr not showing my gigs to the people who are searching? Just because of one warning? I did complete two running orders and got 5-star reviews,

I need expert advice, please let me know,


With this attitude I will be very surprised if any genuine experienced seller will help you.

Count me out.


Well, after reading your situation, it seems like you had some “strikes” or warnings as the Fiverr system names it. Check out all the Fiverr terms of service. You have to be careful with everything you do, write or post both in the forums and with your clients, getting warnings is nothing but dangerous for your account.

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You simply need to write to customer support and politely ask them to “re-index” your gigs so they show in search.

For some reason, they have been de-indexed so are not coming up in search. It usually happens after small gig changes have been made–but the reason why is not so important. Just ask CS to please fix it. :slight_smile:

It is an easy fix and usually fast, but make the message to CS friendly and polite, brief and very clear that you need the specified gigs to be “re-indexed” since that is the word they use.

I know this issue is very frustrating–good luck!



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I am really sorry if I offended you with my post.
Actually I have made around three posts regarding this problem and each all I have received is just misinformation and judgement from people who are not actually there to help me but to criticize me for being in a situation like in the first place.
The target for using this sort of attitude was to just get those unhelpful and repeaters to not comment or not to start with a wrong solutions because that is not going to help me anyways.
I really am sorry,

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Thank you very much for the valuable information, I really appreciate it.
I will keep you updated.

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My gigs aren't showing in searches after I got reported .