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Fiverr has bug issues

I have noticed something about fiverr recently, it started recently, like since late last year. I think the platform now has a bug that is causing trouble and they are doing nothing about it. If a new account comes to the first page, in less than 2 months they will send it to the last page and it will just stay there, it wasn’t like this before. Now the platform is becoming really annoying. Gigs are just flying up and down. Don’t even understand fiverr again. It should be brought to their notice for once !!!

Another thing, have u noticed that gigs from page 22 downwards no longer shows in search results? If u click on those pages, it will say no results found, and all those pages have gigs in them, this also started very recently.


Do all new accounts do that or just some? Did that happen to yours? Did you actually find yours on the last page?

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This is how the Fiverr search algorithm works. There is no guaranteed placement in the results. The results are dynamic, and change often – usually as a result of your seller metrics, success, and how popular your service is. If you want more traffic to your gig, you can – and should – market and promote your service to the target customers that need what you have to offer.

It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make sure you have sales. You are a freelancer. Part of being a freelancer, is taking responsibility for the reach and success of your services.

How many buyers, though, are going to look through 22 pages of search results? Fiverr doesn’t really need to show more than 22 pages of search results, because they have thousands of gigs, and I would imagine displaying a complete list of all gigs on the site would be a major drain on the algorithm.

If you want more sales, reach out to the people who need your services. The more popular your gig becomes as a result of this, the more likely it will be that the algorithm determines your gig to be one that should be seen – on-site – by more on-site buyers.


Question: why new accounts should stay in the first page instead of TRS and level 2 sellers who worked hard to be there?

A lot of new sellers complained that they don’t get exposure at all, so it looks like fiver now is giving a “boost” to new profiles placing them on the first pages against their algorithm to give new sellers a chance for bigger exposure but after some time everything goes back to normal and new accounts get a placement according to fiverr normal algorithm, which is usually way lower that first page.

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I hear. Thank you very much

I did. I found mine on the last page. The gig was selling and no bad review all of a sudden it disappeared to the last page. It was on the first page for 3 days only.

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That means fiverr is a monopoly system. Is that what you are trying to say?? My account was new, I got to the first page within two weeks of creating my gig, cuz I promoted on social media and got sales wen I created the gig. The gig stayed in the first page for only 3 days, was getting orders, 5 stars, no single cancellation, no late deliveries. But out of the blue, it vanished to the last page, and its been there since. Fiverr wasn’t like this before. I have known this platform for years.

And what about level 1 sellers, you think they do’t do work hard or you missed that.(just want to know,please)

Whaaaat? Where did you get that in what I said?
I said that you should be happy that fiverr is giving equal chance for everyone and even giving a boost for new sellers that didn’t yet even deserve it. That’s what I said.

That’s the problem with people feeling entitled. First they complain that new sellers don’t get exposure and fiverr gives them exposure. Then they are still not happy and demanding to be on the first page all the time.

Didn’t you think that it has nothing to do with you promoting your gig but fiverr being generous enough to give you a chance?

Promoting your gigs on social media has NO effect of gig ranking. You promote your gig so other people would see it outside of fiverr and buy it, but totally not for “ranking”

That is getting interesting. So this is not your first account? What happened to other accounts?

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No. Promoting on social media does nothing. You were promoted to the first page because the algorithm rotates new sellers to give them a chance in the beginning (new arrivals). Then it keeps rotating. Hundreds if not thousands of new sellers get on the platform every single day. Do you expect them all to be on the first page? That would be a long first page.

I’m not even going to argue this “pulling out of context”.
Obviously everyone is working hard but that’s why level system is there which means that level 2 sellers and TRS worked harder and longer to reach their goal. And it doesn’t mean that level one seller wouldn’t be on their place at some point.

It’s not even about working hard or not. It’s about the bottom line. Level 2 and TRS have made Fiverr more money (TRS has a threshold of 20k, so each TRS has made Fiverr at least $4000 in commission). If you can get to TRS and make Fiverr a ton of money in commissions while doing nothing (somehow), they will promote you - because it makes financial sense for them. If you work very hard every day but don’t make them as much, you are not as valuable to them.

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That is NOT what any of this means. A monopoly means that ONE business or entity controls a market. Fiverr is not a monopoly, because there are thousands of sellers here, with many thousands more gigs, all of which are competing fairly and equally within the market. The most ambitious, most market-driven sellers tend to see the most success here.

Fiverr has always been like this, you just didn’t notice it because it wasn’t affecting you, personally. Gigs have always rotated in the search listings (except, understandably, perhaps at the very beginning of the site, when Fiverr was new, and had very little competition).

I’m confused. How have you “known this platform for years”. Your account was created in February (2020), and you have only three total reviews.


Yea, I recently changed username so I had to create a new account. I have been on fiverr for many years, I have refered tens of people to the platform, it was never like this. Something is wrong now. We should inform them

Perhaps you missed the part in the rules about all users having only ONE account. If you have started a second account, then you’re breaking those rules.

There is nothing wrong with the Fiverr search results. Fiverr has even said, many times, that the system is working exactly as intended. If the system isn’t broken, then it doesn’t need to be fixed.

If you want more sales, then perhaps you should do as before, and promote your gig to bring in the success you claim to have already had here on this site (presumably in your other account).

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I have heard , OK? You won ! Thanks for your time

And am not running 2 accounts, I told u I changed username, and to do that, you have to create a new account with your desired new username and close the old account first. So you don’t know about this

This isn’t a competition. I am merely offering you wisdom and advice, and responding to your comments and concerns. I am clarifying how things work here on Fiverr, and encouraging you to take responsibility for your own success.

If your other account was so successful, why did you close it in order to start a second account? Doing so was a step backwards, and not a prudent business move.

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OK, I’m sorry. The other account was successful but later died, the gigs were moved to the last page and they were there for ages.