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Fiverr has Major Search issue!

I’ve been working on Fiverr from last 5 years now and there are some issues that have not been taken care of. One of the major issues is with the search algorithm. Fiverr’s robotic search algorithm as removed my gig from the search results unless you search it with multiple filters. This gig which is having 1800+ reviews and a 4.8 overall rating and has been on the first page for years. And when I tried to get help from Fiverr’s CS, all they had were the templated answers to forward me and saying that our search algorithm is dynamic and it keeps on changing from time to time which doesn’t answer my question that a gig which was on the first page and had no issues at all, How can it be completely removed from search? It could have been moved to the second page, the third page or even more down but going completely vanished from search makes no sense here.

Has anyone else faced such issue?
There are many other issues with the site as well but Fiverr doesn’t care about that.


same issue for me also. but not my gig back to search

I have the same problem. My best gigs only have 2 and 100 impressions in the last 10 days. :(((

Good to know that your gig is back. Did you make any changes to it or it was brought back automatically?

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Well my best seller gig is on pending status. I don’t know why.

I wrote to the help center but they have not answered me yet.

Help center is pathetic. They will just send you template replies and will not even take the requests serious.

Hey @maxahir,

I think that SEO texts in your Gig, optimized for Fiverr search algorithms is a key when it comes to ranking. I think that reviews is in 2nd place after good Gig text. Why? Bacause I’m only 10 days in Fiver, got only 8 Reviews but already some of my gigs are on the first page when other sellers has more reviews.

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My gig has been on first page from 2-3 years and it was generating good sales. But suddenly without any negative thing from my side, It has been vanished while all other gigs that I’ve been seeing are still there. They could have moved it to 2nd, 3rd or even more down but it is nowhere to find now.

don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I’ve been on the last page from January to May and from the start of June till now. In my opinion, Fiverr really doesn’t care, this has been going on with many sellers for the last few years.

I can almost 100% guarantee you that they aren’t going to do anything about it. Finding other sources of include is the best thing you can do right now. Having Fiverr as your only income is a terrible idea. Some months are good, and some months are bad.

I guarantee you that Fiverr isn’t gonna do anything about it.

I have experienced the same thing last year, all of a sudden no new orders, I disappeared In the back pages, lasted for months, and then I was back up again and everything was as before, loads of orders.

Best luck to you, hope you will get back up there! :wink:

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Fiverr isn’t the only income source but it was the main income source for me as I have invested so much time in building my profile since years but I feel like Fiverr has never cared about the sellers no matter how good you have been. Fiverr has been taking 20% from everything I earned even the “Tips”. But what it is giving us now is “Disappointment”.

Good to know that you have came out of the situation and are doing good. I hope everything will be back for me as well. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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That is why it is good to have multiple sources of income, especially as a freelancer or entrepreneur

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agree with you I think fiverr CS is using AI Bots for there customer support system!

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I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of sellers who would love to have had the situation you have had for 2-3 years but there are many thousands who never have that opportunity. It seems quite disingenuous to suddenly start complaining about Fiverr, the commission, not caring about sellers, etc when you have enjoyed a privileged position for so long. Maybe it is just someone else’s turn to get what you had for so long? Is that unfair?


My gigs have been jumping from first page to last repeatedly this month. Mostly they enjoy their position on the last pages, sadly. I’m starting to think of alternatives if it goes on for the whole year.

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The best thing is that please try to update your gig description and add some text to packages etc then search what will happen.

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Well you get to that “privileged position” by working your butt off every day and going an extra mile for your clients every day for 10+ hours (at least in my case), so I would be equaly unhappy in his situation. Being on top here is not something that should be taken as granted, it is not your right, it is the result of the work you do and your work ethics. So those who never got the chance in most cases simply do not cut it, they are not invested enough in the job, or simply do not know better (Language, cultural and other barriers might be an issue as well). I have helped quite a few fellow translators bring their gigs to another level, they were good, but have had no experience or education in dealing with customers or of good business practices in general, this is the majority of sellers on Fiverr. There is a way to make sure you get out on top, and it involves a lot of patiencea and work.

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I wasn’t expecting such answer for a senior community member like you. Let’s suppose you put your hard work for 5 years in building a business offline, will you allow anyone to take your place or will allow to completely destroy it just because he is new in the market and deserves a chance?

And if you have read the post till end, I’ve mentioned this that Fiverr’s (so called) algorithm has moved the gig to 2nd page or 3rd or even more down if there was any problem but removing it completely from search makes no sense at all.

And yeah, there are many other sellers in the same category who are there even before me and their gigs are doing fine then why mine gig was the prey?

I’m hopeful that this could be a big as I’ve experienced this that whenever Fiverr updates it system or that so called algorithm, they mess up and everyone gets disturbed.

I completely agree with the facts you mentioned here. You are at top for a reason and that is your hard work and dedication. It’s funny to see gigs with 10 or 20 reviews are getting more sales than gigs with 2000 reviews. Fiverr have so many funny rules like every month you get a message on evaluation in which they say “Don’t make more than one gigs in the sames category” while so many Top Rated Sellers are having gigs in the same categories. Even they deleted gigs of colleagues. And the worst part is they have no answer to it.