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Fiverr has Major Search issue!

When asked about it, CS often tells sellers that a placement in search (any placement, not just on a specific page) isn’t guaranteed at all.

Do you though? Are you sure that’s the case? Did your position come as a coincidence rather than as a result of your hard work? I’m not disputing anyone’s work ethic, merely why people feel they are being hard done by when they are rotated out of the top positions. None of us have a right to be top spot - even if we are the best, that’s not how it works despite us all believing that would be the best way.
I have been top spot for some gigs and been moved lower then back up again, I don’t see any real correlation between my level of work and the position I have. We should all of course keep working hard and try to ensure our gigs are as optimized and possible, but the reality is that no position is guaranteed and that any of us moaning about our ranking when we have already had top spot for a long time is unfair.

I am also unsure how you can say that getting to the “privileged position” is by working your butt off but when someone else gets it instead, then it has to be an unfair move. Does that not seem strange to you?

This isn’t comparable to building a business offline. You are on Fiverr’s marketplace. They don’t guarantee you anything and while I empathize with a drop in income and orders (I have had the same experience as mentioned above), you were simply wrong to expect that Fiverr would give you the position forever.
Why you lost it, I don’t know - maybe it wasn’t your fault, maybe there is an up and coming seller that they are giving a chance to, maybe, maybe, maybe… We can’t know but we do know this has happened to a lot of sellers and the result is always the same - Fiverr are not going to change how they work to suit a few sellers who want top spot.


Interesting point. From my perspective, my progress was pretty much consistent with different phases I have had in terms of developing my services (changes in offer and pricing, later picking out a certain type of customer to work with etc.), I have had one serious drop (after using the old vacation mode I was ranked at the bottom for months) and in that period I had to pretty much go a step or two back and the business picked up bit by bit, now I am ranked rather high again. So from my perspective, or rather in my particular case the progress was pretty consistent with what was to be expected in the the current market and with what I can offer my clients. I guess we will never really know how they do their Voodoo.
Oh and my Fiverr success (other than the bump because a bad policy) was also very consisstent with my offline (b2b) success.

I would like to stress on a sidenote that working your but off is only relevant if you are also doing a good job and offering a good service, that is the base of everything.
By now I was always under the impression that the rank has to do with the average 6 month performance, but there seem to be different variables there…

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So my gig is back now after days. I made some changes to it and it is back in search. Seems like there was a bug in the their system. Whenever Fiverr updates the system there comes some issues.


I told you follow those steps and just check it.

Yeah, I appreciate that :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the club.

My issue has been resolved and the sales are back. There was an issue with the search as Fiverr went through maintenance recently. Also, please check your stats for recent years during these months from May to July. I’ve noticed that these months of the year are usually slower than other months in terms of sales. And there are so many factors behind that.

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So it has been removed again. Not sure what exactly they are doing or the system is doing. They are really testing my patience level :grimacing::grimacing:


Did you receive any warning?
I am facing same issue from 90 days my all gigs on last page

I can see your gig on the second page right now.
I wouldn’t be worried about the position of the gig if your sales are fine.
As I understand, they are constantly trying new ways of indexing and searching to allow new sellers get some attention.
Please also note that your location seriously affects search results.
When I use the same laptop at my apartment (big city and broadband connection) and at my country house (slow 3G modem), I see clearly different results.

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No, I didn’t get any warning in recent 90 days. They are testing some new stuff and that is causing instability in gig positioning.

Yeah, I can see that too. This happens every year when Fiverr updates its system/algorithm or just make annual update. My gig goes out of search sometimes and comes back. I hope it will be fixed soon.

I don’t know why all gigs on last page even I tried many things

i also face this issue